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proverbs and sayings stories by two english classes l.
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Proverbs and sayings. Stories by two English classes. PowerPoint Presentation
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Proverbs and sayings. Stories by two English classes.

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Proverbs and sayings. Stories by two English classes.
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Proverbs and sayings. Stories by two English classes.

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  1. Proverbs and sayings.Stories by two English classes. 4ème et 3ème Anglais culturel

  2. Marion C Once upon a time a princess fell in love with a hobo. But the princesse's father did not like the tramp and the princess was very sad. And one beautiful day the hobo got married to the princess the princess loves the hobo because he has a big heart. But nobody sees this except the princess. They lived happily ever after and had a lot of children. Love is blind.

  3. Clement. One morning a young man, leaving for school, passes under a ladder and pigeon poop falls on him. As he walks on, a car passes next to him and splashed him with water. Finally, he walked into dog poo with his right foot. Here is a day that begins badly, with the proverb: There is always a third time.

  4. Eloise • Today, I woke up too late. I was really late. When I arrived, he was in front of my classroom door, waiting. • He was tall, he had short brown hair, a charming face , blue eyes and he was wearing a black suit. • He was amazing. I first thought he was • lost, but he stayed in front of the door. • And then, I remembered that I was late. • Excuse me, I would like to get in. • Oh, sorry. • He moved. • I looked at him for a few seconds:

  5. -Are you new here? • -Yes. • -Do you want to come in? • -No. Your teacher said to stay here. He said I had to wait. Now move. • I wanted to bite him. I was so hungry! I opened the door, said I was sorry and I sat down. • -Let me introduce Liam. • He entered. All the girls started chatting. • Go and sit down next to … Fanael. • My ears clicked. Liam came and sat down • next to me. • Sorry. • For what? • That answer looked a bit aggressive to me, but I was angry. • I was nervous and I shouted at you. • After that we chatted all day. I think I’m in love with him. But that’s another story. • Birds of a feather flock together.

  6. Pauline The story begins when two girls, Angela and Paula want to go to a birthday party. Angela and Paula decided to take the bus but they didn’t have the bus schedule. The party was going to start at 8 pm. They had to meet at the bus station at 7 pm. At 7 pm, at the bus station, they decided to wait for the bus for ten more minutes. They were bored, so they started walking. On the way, they got into a tantrum because they knew that they would arrive late. When suddenly, they saw the bus pass infront of them. Everything comes to him who waits.

  7. Angie It had been two months since my friend J.P had gone to Cuba. Before she left, she promised she would call me every day. She didn’t call me. I was very worried, especially because she had to meet a man on a big boat. I asked myself many questions. What happened? Maybe the boat sank? Maybe she met someone mean. I knew nothing about all this. Eight days later, my phone rang. It was her. She had a great holiday and she didn’t call me because she was in Cuba. Everything comes to him who waits.

  8. Gaïane 3ème Once upon a time there was a girl, she was very pretty. She was the perfect: she liked school, she had a lot of friend, she was polite and everybody loved her. She had blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, ovely freckles and a friendly mouth. But one day she tied her hair up and everybody saw her big horrible ears. Everybody has a defect. Nobody is perfect.

  9. Adrian 3ème A father and his son are walking in the street. The The father and the son are shy, intelligent, but they are both bad-tempered. They like vegetables, sports and animals. The father has short blond hair. The son has blond short hair. They both wear blue glasses. They are wearing green T-shirts and have the same hat. The father falls into the sewer. The son trips and falls into the same sewer. Like father like son.

  10. Marine 3ème Hello! My name is Mr Smith! I have a son. My son loves ducks. That’s so amazing, I love ducks too! My son brushes his hair like me. He wears the same clothes as I. He is very bad-tempered, just like me. His eyes are blue. My son is handsome. Like father, like son.

  11. Mathilde Tanya met Bryan at a party. She fell in love with him the first minute she saw him.He was a good speaker. He was very nice with her. He let her think that he loved her, and she believed him. He just wanted to have her for the night. A few days later, he left her for another girl. She was all alone with a broken heart. She thought she would stay with him for the rest of her life but he didn’t want to get into a relationship because he liked to have a lot of women and he wasn’t a good guy. She didn’t know it. Tania was heart-broken. Love is blind.

  12. Laura Today, the teacher asks the pupils to write an essay at home. The teacher asks the pupils to write ten lines. Everybody does the work except Beverly. For one week, the teacher waits for Beverly’s work. One night, three months later, Beverly works very well for two hours. She then hands in the work to her teacher. Better late than never.

  13. Anais One day, a thirteen year old girl who lived in Paris, went to Sydney during the holidays. She stayed for two weeks in Australia. Her parents asked her to phone them every day. During the first week she did that, but after the second week, her parents didn’t receive any news. They were very worried and they couldn’t join her. Finally, the girl phoned them and she told them she has broken her phone, but she was fine.  No news is good news.

  14. Anthony I was in a heavenly island during my holidays. It was so great and I wanted to stay in Australia forever. But when I looked at my watch, it was ten o’clock. Unfortunately, I had to catch my plane at 2 pm. You know, Time flies!

  15. Grégoire Some people are generous Some people are funny Some people are good Some people are kind Some people are quiet Some people are friendly Some people are beautiful Some people are happy But nobody is perfect

  16. Eric 3ème I had a basketball match during the week-end. It was Tuesday. I had no shoes, so I asked my mother to buy basketball shoes.. She said she would buy them. So I stopped worrying about it. But during the week, she didn’t buy anything for me and the match was on Saturday. On Friday, my mother was sick so I didn’t have my shoes… I went to the match without shoes! The match was beginning when I saw my mother with my new shoes.. I could play! Better late than never!!

  17. Hafsa Last week-end I went shopping with my friend. I had a credit card. I bought a very expensive dress, a shirt, trousers, jewels, etc… I spent a lot of money. After, I went back home with many bags. My parents shouted at me. They told me that: Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  18. Theo It’s the first day of sales. A group of women is waiting in front of the new big mall MIM. When the mall opens, the women scream and run to be the first ones to get in the shops. One hour after the opening of MIM, a woman arrives and there is there isn’t anything left. She is very disappointed. Another lady, her arms loaded with clothes, looks at her and says: First come, first served.

  19. Julie It’s the story of an ugly man. He is short, he has a big nose, small ears, a lot of spots and big eye-brows. Nobody loves him but he is nice. This man had too many defects but he is a prime minister now. Nobody is perfect.

  20. Mathilde B Yesterday, when I went to school, my parents told me that they were disappointed because my grades weren’t very good. Then, at school, my friend told me that I did something wrong. On my way back home, I ran over somebody. Now I know that: Nobody is perfect.

  21. Antoine This morning I got up, I went to the kitchen to eat pancakes. I was very slow and my step-father had eaten them all up! When I went to work, there were a lot of presents in the hall. We could choose one but I arrived too late. The last present was a packet of diapers! My subordinate, who arrived first, won a 3D TV. On my way back home, I saw a pretty woman but by the time I got close to her, another man had come along and had invited her to a restaurant. First come, first served.

  22. Noé A pupil studying at Philippe de Champaigne must revise for his end of term exams that he will have to write in five days. Today is Thursday, the exams are next Tuesday. Tonight, he sees that there are five days left and he prefers playing video games. On Friday night he has a karate training and he can’t revise. This week-end, he couldn’t revise because he went to see his grand-mother at the hospital. Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

  23. Thomas A man wins the lottery. He is really happy. He goes to fetch his money. He buys a new house, a new car… He travels to space. But when he goes to withdraw cash to go shopping, he sees he has no money left in his account. They take away his house and his car from him because he has no more money. Easy come, easy go!

  24. Lise Early in the morning, at the campsite, I got up slowly not to wake up my friends who were sleeping next to me. I went on the other side of the fire not to be seen. And there, a few meters away from me, I saw something beautiful on the table. I walked towards it but other people saw it before me. Then, I ran and ate the last part of the chocolate cake!! I laughed and I said to my friends: First come, first served!

  25. Victoria It's story of a boy, Brad, was ugly and badly dressed. The first time, he arrived at school, nobody don't wanted to speak with him. In this school, the students were well dressed. Brad found himself alone. Eveybody thought him not intelligent. But the second day, there was an exam to test the knowledge of each pupil. And surprise, the next day, when the teacher gave the results, nobody believed that Brad have got the best grades of the whole school. At the moment, they don't judge a person on the appearance. They had never thought that Brad could be so intelligent. Clothes don't make the man.

  26. Flora Her name was Jess. She lived in a Boarding school because she quarreled with her family and she didn’t listen her parents. It was boring and she didn’t have friends because she wasn’t nice. One month ago, she wrote a letter to her parents because she wanted to see them. They answered her two weeks later and they wrote her they love her. ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER.

  27. Barbara I’m a chatty girl at school. I love speaking and I don’t know silence. My teachers and my family want me to stop talking. My mother thinks that I am a chatter-box. My friends are like me, they talk a lot. For my parents, when I am sleeping, Silence is golden.

  28. Manon One day, the teacher was in the class with her students. The students were very quiet. The teacher was surprised because before, the students were very noisy. The teacher said: “Oh! I’m sorry! I have forgotten my papers in the staff room. I must go and fetch them”. She went to the staff room. When the teacher came back, the students were speaking louder. When the cat is away, the mice will play.