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Ms. Rosa’s Rising Stars Present. Reading and Writing with STAR-W. Francisa Paz. Francisca Paz’s Descriptive Writing.

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ms rosa s rising stars present

Ms. Rosa’s Rising Stars Present

Reading and Writing

with STAR-W

francisca paz s descriptive writing
Francisca Paz’s Descriptive Writing

In Renoir’s painting In the Meadow, he painted two girls that are wearing beautiful, long, light -colored dresses. You can even see vertical lines in the trees. The soft colors he use gives a calm relaxed mood to his painting. He uses feathery strokes giving a soft texture to his painting. The scenery is somewhere in the woods and once again in the trees and in the grass we see his use of light colors with the soft browns and greens.

king tut s life by martin bulik
King Tut’s Lifeby: MARTIN BULIK

Martin Bulik

Once upon a time there was a very mean king named King Tut and his generous queen named Jenny. One day they saw a sandstorm coming in Egypt so they left with all their jewels and precious stuff. The servant saw that they were gone, so he went to go warn the other people that they left on a long walk from Egypt. They went to go write on the wall in their kind of writing that the king had left on a long journey and the king was going in the wrong direction. (continued…)

king tut s life by martin bulik1
King Tut’s Lifeby: MARTIN BULIK

He died in the sandstorm, so the Egyptians had to mummify him in one room with all of his belongings. The Egyptians had to find a new mean king and generous queen. So the mean king Tutankhamen and the generous queen named Jennifer married each other and lived happily ever after.

animals and our world

Heylin Romero

Animals and Our World

Ms. Abreu’s Third Grade Class Presentation

blue morpho butterfly in south america

Blue Morpho Butterfly in South America

Heylin Romero

Ms. Abreu


south america blue morpho butterfly
South America/Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Habitat- rainforest
  • Location-Southand Central America
  • Color-blue
  • Size-wingspan 6in.
  • Insect
  • Food-plant

Adults drink the juices of rotting fruit

Special Feature- a species of neotropical butterfly that has brilliant blue wings

blue whale in the arctic ocean

Blue Whale in the Arctic Ocean

Walter Pineda

Ms. Abreu


our presenters for today are

Our Presenters for Today are:

Johnny Rivera


Karina Choz

what s wrong with this picture

“What’s Wrong with This Picture?”

By: Ms. Green’s Third Graders

fluffy s book report

Fluffy’s Book Report

By: Mr. Lambright’s Third Graders

summary of the story
Summary of the Story
  • This book was about a guinea pig named Fluffy. He went on the bus and all the kids were playing with him!
  • The story took place in the classroom, the bus, the garage, and Jazmin’s house.
what is the author thinking
What is the author thinking?
  • The author’s purpose for writing this story is to make us laugh and smile.
  • The author describes the main character by saying Fluffy is cute and furry.




Jia Mahmood

Ms. Kauffman

March 2, 2004


  • Order from the sun 4th
  • Number of moons (names of moons) 2moons Phobos and Deimos
  • Color gray, brown
  • Size or diameter 4,222 miles
  • Distance from the sun (km) 141,635,300 miles
  • Temperature 12 degrees
  • Solid or gas solid
  • Rings ? No
amazing features
Amazing Features
  • Mars surface
  • Mars Volcanos
we learned a lot in star w
We learned a lot in STAR-W
  • We learned how to:
    • Take care of the laptops
    • save to the network
    • research using the Internet and Encarta
    • Kidspiration – for story maps and pre-writing
    • use word count to improve the length and quality of our writing.
    • copy pictures from good websites, such as The Nine Planets and NASA’s website.
    • Work hard and SAVE OFTEN!
our student presenters
Our Student Presenters
  • Rose Feliciano – Ms. Rosa’s 4/5 bilingual
  • Carlos Diaz – Ms. Flower’s 4th grade
  • Martin Bulik – Ms. Flower’s 4th grade
  • Heylin Romero– Ms. Abreu’s 3rd grade bilingual
  • Ahmir Perry– Mr. Bittings
  • Johnny Rivera– Ms. Green’s 3rd grade
  • Karina Choz – Mr. Lambright’s 3rd grade
  • Jia Mahmood– Ms. Kauffman’s 3rd grade
  • Khadijah Ferguson - Mrs. Coty’s 4th grade
  • Brittany Mikos – Mrs. Coty’s 4th grade class