developments of next generation nationwide wireless broadband networks n.
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Developments of Next Generation Nationwide & Wireless Broadband Networks PowerPoint Presentation
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Developments of Next Generation Nationwide & Wireless Broadband Networks

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Developments of Next Generation Nationwide & Wireless Broadband Networks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developments of Next Generation Nationwide & Wireless Broadband Networks. 6 May 2013 Mike Ang, President, ATiS , Singapore. Table of Contents . Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network Next Generation Wireless Broadband. Why Open Access is the way ahead.

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Developments of Next Generation Nationwide & Wireless Broadband Networks

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developments of next generation nationwide wireless broadband networks
Developments of Next GenerationNationwide & Wireless Broadband Networks
  • 6 May 2013 Mike Ang, President, ATiS, Singapore
table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network
  • Next Generation Wireless Broadband

Why Open Access is the way ahead

  • KeyPolicy Objectives of Next Gen NBN
  • Promote competition in fixed line telecommunications market
  • Encourage Open Access Environment
    • Industry players have more options to adopt models
      • To suit their businesses and respond to market needs
    • Lead to long-term competition and vibrancy in the industry
      • Consumers and businesses to benefit from lower prices and innovative services
  • Decision to restructure industry undertaken after extensive study and
  • year long consultation with Industry
  • IDA studied overseas deployments with varying models of separation
    • Similar projects in United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Italy & Netherlands
    • Recently, Australia and New Zealand also introduced separations to develop vibrant and competitive market


Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN)

next gen nbn rollout subscription
Next Gen NBN Rollout & Subscription
  • OpenNet started network deployment since April 2009
    • Achieved more than 95% coverage nationwide since mid 2012
  • Retail services available since September 2010
    • More than 300,000 Next Gen NBN subscribers
    • Base more than tripled since Jan 2012 number of 100,000 subscribers
    • Growing proportion of consumers on 100Mbps plans or higher

Optical fibre socket (terminal point) installed

Optical fibre Installation in progress

next gen nbn industry structure today
Next Gen NBN Industry Structure Today
  • RSPs have flexibility to obtain services from variety of operators
    • No exclusivity for Next Gen NBN NetCo
  • RSPs can leverage on other operators beyond NetCo and OpCo to meet end-user needs
    • E.g. Lease lines from Non-NGNBN NetCo for redundancy
  • Industry trend is towards infrastructure sharing and competition at the service level
    • Divestment of underlying infrastructure (e.g.SingTel)
    • Sharing of infrastructure
      • Joint venture between Orange and T-mobile
      • UK “grid” formed by Telfonica & Vodafone







OpCo and RSP




Next Gen NBNOpCo

Active Network

Traditional Integrated Providers

Traditional Wholesale Provider

Next Gen NBN NetCo

Passive Network

Next Gen NBN

Traditional Telecoms

vibrant next gen nbn landscape
Vibrant Next Gen NBN Landscape
  • Low barriers of entry and non-discriminatory access have attracted new service providers and provided new business opportunities
    • Non-residential service providers expanding into residential space, e.g. ViewQwest and SuperInternet
    • New entrants e.g. MyRepublic
  • To date, a total of 25 RSPs and 8 OpCos have come on board Next Gen NBN
    • 2 years ago, only 3 nationwide providers for fixed line broadband
    • Currently, significantly more players have entered the market
    • Beyond Nucleus Connect, 2 other operators also providing wholesale







Evolution of RSP Landscape

cheaper prices
Cheaper Prices
  • Prices of Next Gen NBN offerings typically lower than non-Next Gen NBN equivalent
    • Between $39 to $60 for 100 Mbps residential fibre plans compared to $70 to $100 for non Next Gen NBN 100 Mbps products previously
    • Competition from service providers has driven further price reduction for residential fibre plans at IT shows
  • New entrants offering innovative packages
    • Gaming fibre plans and no-contract plans
      • Additional service offerings such as speed boosts (reduced latencies) & uncapped international bandwidth

Lowered Prices

and Greater Value

better value to consumers
Better Value to Consumers
  • Bundling of value added services
    • E.g. Static IPs, file sharing and storage services, video chat, cloud services, etc
  • Differentiated plans for various segments
    • E.g. Gamers, Students
  • Innovative packages
    • E.g. No-contract lock-in periods

Consumers enjoy benefits of Open Access fibre-based services


Broadband Standing Developments1

  • Singapore’s Download speed
  • 380% increase since Sep 2010

Launch of Next Gen NBN Services

40.5 Mbps

8.5 Mbps

  • Singapore’s Upload speed
  • 950%increase since Sep 2010

20.3 Mbps

1.9 Mbps

[1]: Source: NetIndex, updated as at 10 Apr 2013

services available on next gen nbn
Services Available on Next Gen NBN



Real-time processing and delivery of financial data feeds to customers in the financial services industry, leveraging on the high-speed fibre network to deliver an end-to-end solution at lower costs

ViewqwestIPTV provides access to HD content, including blockbuster movies, TV shows and sports from the comfort of the living room

StarHube-HR Management is a comprehensive HRM system which can streamline and integrate HRM processes, and enables HR Managers to control and manage their HR activities anytime, anywhere via a friendly online interface

Internet, movies, celebrity concerts, exciting games and fun learning modules will be available via high-speed broadband from this multimedia device

e-HR Management

Certis Cisco’s video surveillance service allows on-demand and near real-time remote viewing control and retrieval of surveillance data - providing a total security solution for enterprises

exCite TV provides a unique interactive television viewing experience, include video search engine and TV APPs store.

Gesture-based remote controller

ScaleNow cloud computing services provide Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), enabling companies a feasible way to adopt SaaS model of delivering software applications to their customers or end-users

LittleLives' new innovative LittleStoreservice helps students learn English, Chinese, Math, Science, Art and more, through engaging animation shown in high definition videos.

The LGA Private Cloud - VPN Intranet is designed for business communication needs

Prevview, Asia's first interactive video job portal, aims to help Jobseekers and Employers brand themselves better with the power of Video Resumes on a professional social media platform.

LockCube is a secure online storage solution that gives enterprises a fast, smart and secure way to backup, restore and access their data anytime and anywhere, by using any devices



Next Generation Wireless Broadband

  • Singapore’s wireless broadband programme to grow the wireless broadband market
  • Launched in 2006 to provide free Wi-Fi access to high human-traffic areas like CBD, and shopping belts (Orchard Road)
  • Four operators
  • Enhance user experience - higher access speed of up to 2Mbps, seamless and secure access (SSA), Wireless@SG Connect mobile portal and SIM-based authentication for mobile devices wef1 Apr 2014.
  • Monthly average of 31 hrs per average user in 2012.
  • Enterprise services such as cashless payment, surveillance camera, digital signage. Operators looking to introduce new services for enterprises, e.g. targeted advertising, office communication suite, and software as a service (“SaaS”)
evolution of wireless@sg 2006 2017
Evolution of Wireless@SG : 2006 - 2017

2013 to 2017

2009 to 2013

2006 to 2009


Enterprise Services

  • Wireless surveillance
    • Flexible, remote monitoring of facilities such as malls, atriums and retail shops
  • Cashless payment
    • Enables merchants to provide cashless payment services at hawker centres, events, roadshows, mobile kiosks, etc.

Wireless surveillance

Cashless payment

  • Digital signage and kiosk
    • Enables mall owners to display promotions, interactive mall directories, mall services, news feeds to visitors

Digital signage