Bible basics sunday school class
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Bible Basics Sunday School Class. Sunday, October 6, 2013. Memory Verse. The Romans Road: The Plan of Salvation “…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” - Romans 3:23 What does this verse tell us? First step in the plan of salvation

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Bible basics sunday school class

Bible Basics Sunday School Class

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Memory verse
Memory Verse

  • The Romans Road: The Plan of Salvation

  • “…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” - Romans 3:23

  • What does this verse tell us?

    • First step in the plan of salvation

    • First step in a 12-step program: admit you have a problem

  • For the whole context, read Romans 3:21-31.

Today s lesson joseph
Today’s Lesson: Joseph

  • Recap Joseph’s story from Genesis 37-50.

  • Expand on historical context and details.

  • Share thoughts on this week’s homework.

  • Apply Joseph’s story to our lives.

Historical details
Historical Details

  • Joseph was only 17 when his story began in Genesis 37:2.

  • Joseph traveled about 65 miles from Hebron to Shechem to Dothan to check on his brothers. (Gen 37:14-17)

  • The caravan of Ishmaelites/Midianites were cousins of Jacob’s sons through their great-grandfather Abraham. (Genesis 37:25-28)

Historical details1
Historical Details

  • Joseph was made to look like an Egyptian when he was presented to Pharaoh. Hebrews did not shave, but Egyptians did. (Genesis 41:14)

  • The Egyptians relied on yearly floods to deposit fertile soil along the banks of the Nile. When there was no rain further south in Ethiopia, the Nile did not flood in Egypt, resulting in drought and famine.

Historical details2
Historical Details

  • The rulers of Egypt at Joseph’s time were probably the Hyksos, a Bedouin Arab tribe who briefly conquered the Egyptians. This would explain Pharaoh’s ready acceptance of a Hebrew.

  • The Egyptians had wheeled vehicles earlier than Canaan. (Genesis 45:19)

Historical details3
Historical Details

  • Priests usually administered the embalming process because it was a religious ceremony. Jacob and Joseph used physicians instead, since it was purely for preservation. (Genesis 50:1-3)

  • Hebrews normally mourned their dead for 7-30 days. The Egyptians mourned important individuals for 70 days. This shows the importance of Jacob and Joseph to the Egyptian people. (Genesis 50:1-3)

The story finds its place in me
The Story Finds its Place in Me

  • Joseph’s story is an example of God working out his purposes in roundabout and unexpected ways. Can you think of examples from your own life in which God seemed to work in ways you never could have anticipated and that you could only understand in hindsight?

  • What impact does that have on how you trust Him in your current circumstances?

The story finds its place in me1
The Story Finds its Place in Me

  • Joseph’s story is about more than himself; it is about the survival of his people. In what ways as Christians are our own stories about more than ourselves?

  • Why is it so easy to lose that larger perspective?

  • If you think of your story as part of the bigger story God is writing, how does it change the way you live?

One of joseph s themes perseverance
One of Joseph’s Themes: Perseverance

  • Joseph is probably the most Christ-like individual in the Bible.

  • We never read that God spoke to him directly, yet he knew God’s will and obeyed it.

  • Everywhere Joseph went, in everything he did, God blessed him because of his faith and obedience. (Gen. 39:2-5, 39:21-23, 41:39-44)

  • Example of Romans 8:28 and Philippians 4:8

  • Hope for the future: Hebrews 11:22

Wrap up
Wrap Up

  • How can we use Joseph’s story to better know, love, obey, serve, and worship God?


  • Read part of Moses' story in Exodus 1:1 - 15:21.

  • Study his story using your Bible reference materials.

  • Optional homework: Lessons 1-5 of “A Journey of Faith: A Study of the Life of Moses” found at the link below:

  • Check out our Sunday school blog at