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corporate yoga keep your working staff healthy and fit

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corporate yoga keep your working staff healthy and fit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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corporate yoga Singapore offers you the best corporate yoga training at your work place to keep your working staff healthy and fit.

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Corporate yoga keeps the staff members stress free and physically fit

Corporate yoga is another word use for yoga at work place. Yoga embodies

unity of mind and body and it is a holistic approach to stay healthy and well

being. As we say do practice yoga and be stay healthy. Corporate means here

the work place; it may of small scale or large scale. Corporate yoga training is

given in the place where you work. It helps you in many manners to keep you

healthy, fit and active s well as it also helps in physical, mental and spiritual

improvement through the yoga discipline and methods.

Corporate yoga Singapore by art of yoga gives the best training of corporate

yoga at your work place. It is a boutique group of small trainers who give

training either at your work place or in their studio. Studio is fully furniture and

spacious where people easily can do practice different forms of the yoga. It has

all the qualified and trained trainers as the head of the corporate yoga

Singapore through art of yoga got his yoga teacher training from Indian Yoga

Institute of Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore, India

(VYASA). Likewise all the trainers are fully talented and qualified from the

different high profile universities. And the head of the art of yoga give the

personal corporate yoga training by own.

Corporate yoga Singapore offers you the best class in the area of the Singapore

like all ashans, aloom, viloom, and the various forms of the yoga including

Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga

Therapy. It also provides classes of surya namaskar and the meditation. All

these different forms of the yoga are very beneficial for the health as well as

the office work. There are some of the benefits from the corporate yoga

discussed below:-

It improves the concentration by doing meditation

It helps in boost the energy which gives the more output or result

It increases the healthy relationship among the staff members

It enhance the helping nature in the office environment

It makes the body flexible and postured body

It helps in loose overweight as well as makes the body fit, active and stay


It helps in keep the mind stress free, peaceful and calm which will help

to increase the efficiency of the work and the result shows is in positive


These are some of the points discussed above but also like wise there are

many more benefits you will get from the corporate yoga training. For more

information you can visit website:

Phone: +65 6449 4070

Email: [email protected]

It also provides you the free trail classes for your requirement.