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Title Slide – Technology Name PowerPoint Presentation
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Title Slide – Technology Name

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Title Slide – Technology Name - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Title Slide – Technology Name. Presenter’s Information and Title Title of Industry Contacts and University Contacts (as applicable )

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Title Slide – Technology Name

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Title Slide –Technology Name Presenter’s Information and Title Title of Industry Contacts and University Contacts (as applicable) **IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: You are welcome to use your own background or template; however, you are encouraged to pick and choose slide titles from this template. Visual slides that include a combination of text with graphs, pictures, charts, etc. tend to be better for in-person presentations vs. text only. 15 minute maximum presentation length.

    2. Technology and market overview Slide instructions: • Provide a relatively brief, introductory slide to give the reviewers a basic background and context for the market you are going into and the technology you’ve developed. • Provide general information on the university you are with or the university you are licensing from, and whether you are a company or a university team. • If a company, provide a short background on your progress as a company, such as: how many employees, how much revenue, key milestones you’ve achieved etc. • You will go into more detail on this later, so think of this slide as the quick “highlights” to provide the reviewers a brief background and context for the rest of the presentation. • Avoid going into extensive detail on this slide on the specifics about the technology.

    3. Market shortcomings Slide instructions: • On this slide, set-up the presentation indicating where and why there is current shortcoming or lack of service in this market that needs to be addressed. • Stronger presentations will be able to demonstrate, from firsthand conversations with customers or potential customers, market surveys, etc. how they have validated that there is a lack of coverage in the market that customers are willing to pay good money to solve. Secondary sources such as market research or online research that reflect the shortcoming in the market can be helpful, but firsthand data is preferred. • Better presentations will show why this is a SIGNIFICANT pain for the market. Companies that are solving an intense pain succeed far better than those who are solving a minor pain that customers can easily work around if need be rather than paying money to solve it. • Better presentations will identify EXACTLY who the customer is and who the technical buyer is, as well as the end-user, and the financial buyer.

    4. Proposed solution to market and key features Slide instructions: • Briefly explain why your technology solves a problem in the marketplace. • If available, provide evidence that demonstrates that your solution is attractive to this market and why it could be readily adopted in the marketplace. This might include conversations with customers or potential customers, etc. • Stronger presentations will “validate” that this solution is the correct solution to the problem and why customers would be willing to pay to have the problem fixed. • How does your technology solve this problem/shortcoming better than any other technology in the marketplace? • How have you determined what the “minimum features” are that • customers will want – e.g. through customer conversations, surveys, etc.?

    5. Value proposition and competitive advantages Slide instructions: • Explain clearly and concisely why your product solves this pain better than anyone else in the marketplace today. • Stronger presentations will show, in simple terms, who the strongest competition is and what available substitutes are in the marketplace today. • Explain the key competitive advantages of your product to other products in the marketplace related to lower cost, higher performance, easier implementation, etc. Include how your product compares to other alternatives in these categories of cost, performance, etc. • Detail the key competitive advantages that can provide barriers to entry, such as a stronger team, intellectual property (i.e. patents or provisional patents), key exclusive distribution agreements, etc.

    6. Industry Partnership & Research • Explain how this project creates and enhances a core competency for the University. • What is the initial amount of funding expected? • Define the nature of the relationship w/the industry partner. • List any additional funding from the existing partner. • Describe any additional research relationships that could be created from the grant.

    7. Market size and growth Slide instructions: • Provide an estimate of market size and how you established the market size. This should be very clearly related to the customer segment you identified. • Better presentations will show multiple methods (“bottom up,” “top down,” etc.) on how the market size was established. • As much as possible, DIRECTLY relate the estimate to the specific customer and market segment identified. General market estimates not directly related are less credible.

    8. Sales and “go-to-market” strategy Slide instructions: • Describe how you have begun to take this technology to market. Are you selling directly to end customers, through partnership, through distributors, licensing your technology, etc.? • If you have not started selling yet, how do you intend to go to market? • Detail why have you selected this as the optimal way to approach the market?

    9. Team and team strengths Slide instructions: • Now that you have provided a foundation for what your technology will do, and a basic outline of the market pain, market solution, and sales strategy, it will be important to explain why the team you’ve put together is well-suited to carry out this strategy. • List bullet points on the key credentials team members, board members, advisory board members, etc. possess that will help bring this technology to market successfully. Do not give full biographies

    10. Company growth and economic impact to Idaho Slide instructions: • IGEM grants are specifically designed to focus on research/companies that will make an economic impact in the state of Idaho for several years after the time of the grant. Provide a detailed list of your plans to grow in Idaho. • Explain why Idaho is an ideal place to grow your business or portions of your business -- e.g. access to university research expertise, access to local companies in the same market, access to unique talent in Idaho, etc. • Explain how many potential jobs this project could create in the next 5-10 years in Idaho and the type of jobs – e.g. high-paying, requiring strong talent, wages above the state average, diversity of jobs across disciplines, etc. • Explain any specific impact you’ve ALREADY made on Idaho’s economy in terms of hiring, job growth, sales growth, etc.

    11. Strategic milestones and intended use for IGEM grant money and related matching funds Slide instructions: • Explain any significant milestones you’ve already achieved as a company – • e.g. number of employees, patents or provisional patents (filed or • received), proof of concept, developed prototype, early customers, etc. • List three or more significant milestones you plan to achieve with the help of the IGEM grant funds and related matching funds. Indicate the amount of money each milestone will require and how long it will take to achieve that milestone. • Explain why each milestone is significant to your research/company. • Give a sense for what you plan to do to commercialize your technology over the next 12-24 months – this will include the milestones related to IGEM as well as other company plans to commercialize and go-to-market that you deem significant.

    12. Budget and Output Summary Slide Instructions: • Provide a detailed time line for how, when and why funds will be used, relative to project goals. • Better presentations will appropriately sync project goals/time frames/benchmarks/outputs with a fund usage scale. • Illustrate five year projections for market absorption. • What is the return on the State of Idaho’s investment?