Art in our region doesn t sink in years
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ART in our region doesn’t sink in years. People and ART. Painters from Prešov region. Lucia Grejtáková - young artist who often uses modern techniques in her work She also takes photos , m akes sculptures and prepares sceneries for theaters. Peter Kocák , PhD ., .

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Art in our region doesn t sink in years

ART in ourregiondoesn’tsink in years

People and art
People and ART

Painters from pre ov region
Paintersfrom Prešov region

  • Lucia Grejtáková

    - youngartistwhooften


    in herwork

    • Shealsotakesphotos,

      makessculptures and



Peter koc k phd
Peter Kocák, PhD.,

  • Academicalpainter

  • Heapplieshimselfmainly in graphic

Du an pon k
Dušan Pončák

  • Academicalsculptorfrom Považská Bystrica

  • Heworksalso on memorial


    Pavol Orságh Hviezdoslav

  • He has made bronze sculpture

    oftheangel in the center of Prešov

Buildings and works and art
Buildingsand works and ART

The museum of andy warhol
Themuseumof Andy Warhol

  • Is a specificmuseum-galleryinstitution in Medzilaborce

  • Isaboutlife and creationofanpop-artist Andy Warhol

  • Involvesalsocreationsofhisbrothers

  • Main expositions are :

Art in our region doesn t sink in years


S erigraphy of campbels soup

Ladies and gentlemen portfolio
Ladies and Gentlemenportfolio

Flowers theme

The hall of dead stars

Symbols of comunism

Museum in medzilaborce
Museum in Medzilaborce

The subjects of warhols life


  • Warhol’smuseum in Medzilaborce and MuseumofModernArt in New York are theuniquemuseumsof Andy Warhol in theworld

Christiania wave coffee behind seven windows
Christiania, Wave, CoffeebehindSevenwindows

  • the most popularculturalcentersforteenegers in Prešov

  • Youcanorderdrinksthere and in CoffeebehindSevenwindowsyoucanhavepancakes

  • Conterts and expositionsforyoungartists are oftenorganisedthere

Wine museum

  • Location: in the ancient two-storied cellars of the Prešov town hall

  • Offers :

    • It’scollection includes more than 1500 types of wine.

    • Thereisexhibition of wines from all Slovakian and Moravianregions, and also from other parts of the world.

    • the toolsthat wereused in thepast to producewine

    • largevaultroom

    • the stylish shop that is a part of the museum

Sari gallery

  • one of the earlierst regional galleries in Slovakia

  • Focus on:

    • northeastern Slovakia

    • eastern Slovakia

    • prominent personalities of modern slovakfine art connected with the regions

  • No permanentexpositions

  • Actualexposition : BoleslawBarbacki: Memories

Geoglyfe of celtic horse

  • Location : THE Spiš castle

  • Author: AustraliansculptorAndrewRogers

  • Nameofproject: Therhytmoflife

  • Length: 800 metres

  • Heightofstoneywall: 75 centimetres

  • Theme: A horsefromCelticcoin

Events and art
Events and art

Academical pre ov

  • Competitionofcreativity and artforuniversitystudents

  • A weeklong program in university and theatresof Prešov

  • Alternativetheatrefrom Slovakia and outland

  • Workshopswithactors, writers, universityteachers and artists

  • Everythingisforfree

Good festival
Good Festival

  • Authorsofthe idea : Mlociand Žobráci band

  • Is 2 dayslongmusic festival of rock, pop, drum`n`base, punk, jazz, blues, metal and alternativemusic

  • Takesplace in Delňasince 2007

  • Program: musicbands




  • Thenext festival willinclude: Horkýže Slíže, ImtSmile, Komajota, Groovinheads, Los Massakeros...

  • Ticketscost: 10- 20 €

Lets enjoy art in our region
Letsenjoyart in ourregion!!

Ivana Monková

Katarína Leláková