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Sending Emails

Sending Emails

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Sending Emails

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  1. Sending Emails

  2. Hello, and welcome to “Sending Emails” through hobsons. To begin we will want to navigate to the Hobson’s Webcenter located at: If you are unable to log-in, or forgot your username/password please contact or

  3. From there, please navigate to the application module.

  4. After we’ve done a search for our applicants, sending an email is located in the bottom right action bar.

  5. It is important to make sure we have the correct button selected. We can either select a specific person/persons using the “Apply to Selected” or all the applicants using “apply to all”.

  6. This is the primary send email screen. It’s important to verify that the “Records in Action” and the number of records is equal to the number of records you want to send the email to.

  7. To send the email, first we want to select the template. “Generic Free Form Email” is the template set up for anyone to use. It will require you to fill in some information first, before we send it.

  8. Once we select the email template we can see that the template populates with a lot of different text. The first thing we need to change is the Subject/Message. The Subject line will be the the subject of the email. The Message area will be what you want the message to say. Do not delete the “Dear….” line, as this is what populates the person’s name into the email.

  9. The final fields we have to change are the from email address and the “reply to” email address. The from: should be your own email address, and the reply to, for the most part will be the same. The To: should remain on the applicants email address. When you are ready to send it, press the send button on the top or bottom.

  10. For any additional questions please contact or In Person Demo’s are available.