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Sending emails PowerPoint Presentation
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Sending emails

Sending emails

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Sending emails

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  1. Sending emails

  2. Basics and FAQ • How do I send an email via • How do I make an email template? • Whom can I send emails to? • How do I send emails using an external list? • How do I download a filtered member list so that I can email only specific members? • Other features. • General Questions

  3. Return to FAQ How do I send emails? • You may not want to create a whole event to share information with your Chapter members! • Log in as admin and locate these two tabs to start creating emails via

  4. Return to FAQ How do I make templates? • By default you should have a “General” template • Let’s figure out how to use it. • Click“General”

  5. Return to FAQ How do I make templates? • Most of the time, “General” is all you will need, but when making a new template, you have access to all Custom Shortcuts. • The next slides explain the function of each shortcut.

  6. Return to FAQ #firstname# #lastname# • Whether you’re emailing a single person or your entire Chapter, inserting this shortcut personalizes the email by putting their names in the greeting. • In the “Email” tab after you’ve selected your template, you may preview your email

  7. Return to FAQ #message# • This is the meat of your email. • Whatever you type in the white box will go where #message# is. • Again we see where this will go in the email when we use preview.

  8. Return to FAQ #from_name# • This one is straightforward, whatever your name is will be inserted by this shortcut.

  9. Return to FAQ #from_mail# • #From_mail# takes whatever email you have on your account and inserts it.

  10. Return to FAQ #from_mail# • If you fill in the “Reply to(email)” box, #replyto# puts that address in the sent message.

  11. Return to FAQ Whom can I send emails to? • Now that we detailed each shortcut, we need to add recipients. • After clicking the “Email” tab, find this thumbnail. • This will initially be blank, uncheck Presidents to access your members. Select one, multiple, or all and press “confirm”. • Checking Presidents will access Super Admin emails.

  12. Return to FAQ Whom can I send emails to? Alt. • Alternatively, you can copy and paste a list of emails directly into the “Send to” field. *Note that you can’t manually enter text into this field; you can only paste a list in. • To paste a list, open the list in excel and ensure that each email in the list ends with a comma except for the last one. If this is not the case, enter the following formula into the corresponding cell of a new column (i.e. if the first email of your list is in cell A2, enter the formula into cell B2): =A2&”,” • Copy this formula down until the end of your list. The new column will now contain a duplicate of your list, with the addition that each email will end in a comma to allow it to be pasted as a list. Make sure that the last email on the list does not have a comma. • Copy the new column, and paste it in the “Send to” field.

  13. Return to FAQ Whom can I send emails to? Alt. • If you want to send an email to specific members of your chapter (i.e. only women professionals, young professionals, etc.), there is an export data option in the “Membership Management Tab”. • You can select any information from a given member list that you want to export; when you press download, a CSV file (compatible with Excel) is exported. • Use filter and other capabilities of excel to filter out the desired email group, then follow steps outlined previously to send an email using an external list.

  14. Return to FAQ Other features • Check an upcoming event to attach it. • Include a Subject • Attach multiple files • Include a “From” name and “Reply to” email • Select the template you want to use

  15. Return to FAQ notes • If you still have questions after referring to this presentation, feel free to contact • Remember the site will only be as powerful of a tool as you make it!