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Sending email PowerPoint Presentation
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Sending email

Sending email

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Sending email

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  1. First of all you need to click new message. Sending email Type in the email address in this box When your done click send! Type in the subject of the email e.g. Sports Day. Type in you message. Finish with your full name

  2. Receive emails You can also see the subject of the email. Click the subject to open the email. This tells you how many unread messages you have. Press F5 to refresh your emails. This is the name of the person that has sent you and email. Unread messages will appear bold.

  3. Reply Click this button to reply to the email. Then its just the same as slide 1 without having to type in the email address.

  4. Forward To forward an email click this button. This will send a copy of the email you have received to whoever you want.

  5. Send an attachment To attach a PowerPoint etc. click attach then browse for the thing you want to attach. Then press done and send.

  6. Priority To add priority click the red exclamation point

  7. First click options then type your signature. Make sure you save (top left) Signature

  8. More than one person Click on the cc option then type another email, put a semi colon(;) to type another in cc.

  9. Go to options(left) then click ‘out of office assistant’ then select the time to start and end and a message(below). Click save when your done. Out of office