Perbandingan microcontroller fpga asic
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Perbandingan Microcontroller, FPGA, ASIC. poor design techniques. The energy/flexibility conflict - Intrinsic Power Efficiency -. Operations/Watt [MOPS/mW]. Ambient Intelligence. 10. DSP-ASIPs. hardwired muxed. 1. Processors. Reconfigurable Computing. µPs. 0.1. 0.01. Technology.

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Perbandingan microcontroller fpga asic
PerbandinganMicrocontroller, FPGA, ASIC

The energy flexibility conflict intrinsic power efficiency

poor design techniques

The energy/flexibility conflict- Intrinsic Power Efficiency -


Ambient Intelligence



hardwired muxed



Reconfigurable Computing










Necessary to optimize HW/SW; otherwise the prize for software flexibility cannot be paid!

[H. de Man, Keynote, DATE‘02;T. Claasen, ISSCC99]

Application specific circuits asics or full custom circuits
Application Specific Circuits (ASICS)or Full Custom Circuits

  • Custom-designed circuits necessary

    • if ultimate speed or

    • energy efficiency is the goal and

    • large numbers can be sold.

  • Approach suffers from

    • long design times,

    • lack of flexibility(changing standards) and

    • high costs(e.g. Mill. $ mask costs).

Fpga vs uc


  • Microcontrollers are custom built mini computers in an IC while FPGAs are only composed of logic blocks that can be rewired electrically

  • Microcontrollers consume less power than FPGAs

  • FPGAs take a considerably longer time to set-up while there are ready built microcontrollers being sold for specific uses

  • Building devices with FPGAs are more costly than microcontrollers

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Asic vs fpga


  • An ASIC is a unique type of integrated circuit meant for a specific application while an FPGA is a reprogrammable integrated circuit.

  • An ASIC can no longer be altered once created while an FPGA can.

  • It is common practice to design and test on an FPGA before implementing on an ASIC.

  • An ASIC wastes very little material compared to an FPGA and the recurring costs are low.

  • FPGA is better than an ASIC when building low volume production circuits.

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Niche market mass market1
Niche Market, Mass Market

  • Mass marketing is creating a product which appeals to all types of consumer. Mass marketing often ends up with the brand name being used instead of the product name e.g. Hoover not vacuum cleaner. Companies make use of global mass markets which means selling the same product with similar marketing techniques all around the world.

  • Niche marketing is aiming a product at a specific type of consumer. A niche market is usually a smaller segment of a larger market. Companies using a niche market often get less sales than they would if they aimed at a mass market so they have to make up for this by charging a higher price (as the product is often more specific to consumer needs, the customer is normally willing to pay more). It is easier for smaller firms to operate niche markets as there is less competition from bigger companies.