Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors . More Bang for the Buck. Aluminum Electrolytic Advantage. The high value capacitor choice Typically last more than 10 years Lowest cost dielectric for high capacitance and energy storage 4 to 10 times the capacitance per dollar of film capacitors

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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

More Bang for the Buck

Aluminum electrolytic advantage
Aluminum Electrolytic Advantage

  • The high value capacitor choice

  • Typically last more than 10 years

  • Lowest cost dielectric for high capacitance and energy storage

  • 4 to 10 times the capacitance per dollar of film capacitors

  • Great for power electronics bus capacitors to 600 V

Aluminum electrolytic principal applications
Aluminum Electrolytic Principal Applications

  • Power-supply input capacitors output capacitors

  • Bus capacitors for inverters in UPS systems Motor-drives

  • Photoflash and Strobe Flash

  • Welders

Linear power supply application
Linear Power Supply Application

  • Transformer steps 120 Vrms down to 12.6 Vrms

  • 12.6 Vrms AC voltage is 35.6 V peak to peak

  • Fullwave rectified voltage is 0 to 16.4 V

  • Add 200 µF capacitor: filtered voltage is 16 V with ±0.4 V ripple voltage.

Ripple current is king
Ripple Current is King

  • Ripple is from rectification and switching

  • Ripple current heats the capacitor (blue peaks below)

  • Higher temperature shortens capacitor life

  • But operating life claims and calculation methods are not standardized, so the capacitor maker with the best models, technology, and technical sales force has an advantage

Temperature rise
Temperature Rise

  • The temperature rise DT is the thermal resistance q from the capacitor core to ambient times the power PDT = qP = qI2(ESR)

  • To lower the temperature rise lower thermal resistance q lower power P

Lowering temperature rise
Lowering Temperature Rise

  • Lower thermal resistance q with Thermal Pak capacitor construction

  • Lower power P with lower ESR from new electrolytes, separators & foils

  • You can lower q with capacitor choice and cooling with a fan or heatsink

Thermal pak

Compression Design with extended cathode, low thermal resistance

Better shock and vibration

Safety vent can’t be blocked by tar

Lighter weight

Thermal Pak™

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Extended Cathode Handles High Ripple Current resistance

Extended cathode foil at right gets heat out

Double Peg Compression



Cde expected life calculator
CDE Expected Life Calculator resistance

  • Allows you to predict life with your operating conditions

  • Calculates temperature rise and expected life for screw terminal capacitors snap-in capacitors

  • Accurate—Based on extensive thermal measurements of capacitor materials

The following is a cde calculator comparison of 550c to dcmc
The following is a CDE Calculator Comparison of 550C to DCMC resistance

  • Both in 3 inch diameter by 5⅝ long cans

  • 550C is 3700 µF, 450 V

  • DCMC is 5600 µF, 450 V

  • Both 20 amps of ripple current at 360 Hz

  • Both 25 amps of ripple current at 2 kHz

  • Expected lives: 550C about 20 years, DCMC about 1 year.

Type 550c the 105 c inverter capacitor1
Type 550C, The 105 °C Inverter Capacitor resistance

  • Longest life, highest ripple current type

  • Standard of comparison

  • 200 V to 450 V, inverter voltage range

  • Compares with UCC LXR Series

  • Special specifications, part number 550CExxxx

Type 520c the 85 c inverter capacitor
Type 520C, The 85 °C Inverter Capacitor resistance

  • High value, high ripple current type

  • The next step below Type 550C

  • 200 V to 500 V, inverter voltage range

  • > 80% of Type 550C ripple capability

  • Compares with UCC RWF Series Rifa PEH 105 °C

Type 500c long life capacitor
Type 500C, Long-Life Capacitor resistance

  • Twice the life of Type DCMC

  • 6.3 V to 500 V, wide range

  • > 60% of Type 550C ripple capability

  • Compares with CDE Type 3188 Aerovox Type CG Rifa PEH 169 85 °C

Type dcmc best value capacitor
Type DCMC, Best Value Capacitor resistance

  • General purpose, first-choice low cost

  • 6.3 V to 550 V, widest range

  • 150% of Type 550C capacitance

  • > 40% of Type 550C ripple capability

  • Compares with CDE Type 3186 Aerovox Type CGS UCC U36D Series

Typical hi ripple lifetimes 4700 f 450 v comparison 60 c 12 a @ 120 hz 400 v
Typical Hi-Ripple Lifetimes resistance 4700 µF 450 V Comparison 60 °C, 12 A @ 120 Hz, 400 V

The snap in capacitors

Industry’s widest selection including resistance

New Type SLPX 85°C, 3000 h, low cost

New Type SLP 105°C, 3000 h, low cost

25% smaller Types 380LQ & 381LQ

25% more ripple Type 381LR, 105°C

4 & 5 pin Types 382LX and 383LX

The Snap-in Capacitors

Type mlp flatpack capacitor

Welded seal, flat capacitor can replace multiple snap-ins in high ripple aps

New, 450 V. Now available 7.5 to 450 V

Double the ripple capability with a heatsink

50-year life with nearly hermetic seal

MLS with stainless case, 100 year life

Type MLP, Flatpack Capacitor

Less than ½ inch tall20 joules of energy storageEasy to stack into modulesEasy to heatsink Great at cold to –55 °C

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Next high ripple aps

  • Remember CDE Cornell Dubilier as your source for aluminum electrolytic capacitors

  • Enjoy the benefits of the life calculator at http://www.cde/com/calc.htm

  • Go to major distributors for CDE Cornell Dubilier capacitors.