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Warning: This is Rated

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Warning: This is Rated - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warning: This is Rated. When it comes to this. M. Should Rated G ames Be Banned For All Ages. By: C.J. Hailey. M y Opinion .

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Presentation Transcript

When it comes

to this


Should Rated Games Be

Banned For All Ages

By: C.J. Hailey

m y opinion
My Opinion
  • Violent Video games are not the cause of any rise in criminal activity of Minors (5-18 Year Olds) in today's society.
list of m rated games
List of MRated Games
  • Resistance 3
  • Modern Warfare
  • Dead Space
  • Assassins creed
  • Halo
resistance 3
Resistance 3
  • RatedMfor these Reasons:
    • It’s a bloody game that consists of life and death fights for the survival of the human race.
modern warfare
Modern Warfare
  • Rated M for these reasons:
    • This is a game of war between Russia and the US where Captain Soap McTavishattempts to end the war and save his country.


dead space
Dead Space
  • Rated M for these reasons:
    • It’s a horror game with an excessive amount of blood and gore, held in a space environment.
    • It has zombie like aliens called necromorphs that come out of no where and they can be dismembered in any way.
assassins creed
Assassins Creed
  • Rated M for these reasons:
    • you play as characters threw time to save the word from the Templars know in modern times as the Abstergo.
    • you go around killing people with out them seeing it coming.

Lets Go

  • Rated M for these reasons:
    • You play as a Spartan witch is a elite trained solider fighting back the Covenant hoard to save humanity.
other ratings
Other Ratings
  • Early Childhood (EC)
    • 3 year olds and lower
  • Everyone (E)
    • 4-9 year olds
  • Everyone 10+ (E10+)
    • 10- 12 year olds
  • Teen (T)
    • 13- 16 year olds
  • Adults Only (AO)
    • 18 and older
early childhood ec
Early Childhood (EC)
  • These games are to encourage growth with children like: Dora the Explore: Journey to the Purple Planet
everyone e
Everyone (E)
  • These games are for enjoyment like: LittleBig Planet
everyone 10 e10
Everyone 10+ (E10+)
  • These games are for enjoyment but they have some violence like: Spyro
teen t
Teen (T)
  • These games are for more mature players like: Guitar Hero
adults only ao
Adults Only (AO)
  • These games are for adults and extremely graphic
  • Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have policies not allowing AO rated games
  • Due to school policy and the nature of these games I can show pictures
what are the 3 major consoles
What are the 3 major consoles
  • Sony – Play Station 3
  • Microsoft – XBox 360
  • Nintendo - Wii
reasons why m rated games shouldn t be banned
Reasons why M rated games shouldn’t be banned
  • There is a rating system and
  • you have to be of a certain age to by some games
  • Since the days of the Atari violent crimes have been in decline
  • Its unconstitutional

If you don’t want your child playing violent games don’t buy them

  • Or just get your child a Wii
  • And let them play Wii Sports
if not power to the players
If notPower to the Players

I WouldPick

  • Buy a PS3 or Xbox360

Gears of

War 3

Infamous 2

And Play


But Be


I said

But Now You


He Has a

Dark Side