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Rome VS Goguryeo

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Rome VS Goguryeo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Edward. Rome VS Goguryeo. Which country had better army?. Military members of Rome. Praetorian (Heavily armed soldier). Armor looks like scales of fish Used both shields and spears Equipped swords for their sub-weapon. Pilium. Equta (Horseman). Lighter armor, big circular shield

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praetorian heavily armed soldier
Praetorian (Heavily armed soldier)
  • Armor looks like scales of fish
  • Used both shields and spears
  • Equipped swords for their sub-weapon


equta horseman
Equta (Horseman)
  • Lighter armor, big circular shield
  • Most of equitas were hired soldiers
  • Minority of army
  • Required Roman citizenship
  • Used spear, and sub-weapon was sword
  • Wore plate armor
  • Wooden shield, javelin
  • Wore animal skin, or metal helmet
  • Superior velites with better armor called ‘Auxiliary’
what was goguryeo
What was Goguryeo?
  • 37 B.C ~ 668 A.D
  • Monarch – governed
  • Adapted Buddhism
  • Huge influence over ancient Asia
gaemamusa heavily armed soldier
Gaemamusa (Heavily armed soldier)
  • Covering body with strong metal
  • Destroyed formation of opponent’s troops
  • Small number of selected people


mounted troops
Mounted troops
  • Less – equipped than Gaemamusa.
  • Attacked side of the army, escaping soldiers
  • Some of them were archeries.
  • Length of spear was 3~4 meter.
  • Attacked horse soldiers
  • Some spearmen used short, curved spear
axe man
Axe man
  • Length of axe was (estimation) 1 meter
  • Attacked spearmen, heavily – armed soldiers
  • Used swords as their sub – weapon

Recovered shape

Excavated axe

  • Used swords of 1.2m and small shield.
  • Protected horsemen from side
  • Trained for rough hand – to –hand fight
  • Usually placed at the back of soldier line
  • Attacked foot soldier and horsemen
  • Some of them used crossbows.
rome repellere equtas
Rome - Repellere Equtas
  • Formation against horsemen
  • Form square that guard every course
  • Put gladius between shield and shield
iasor pilum repel cavalry
Iasor Pilum (Repel cavalry)
  • Throwing pilum to their opponents
  • Specially trained to throw pilum
  • Covered bottom and put spears
agmen formate
Agmen Formate
  • Most common formation
  • Used to thrust opponent
testudo tortoise
Testudo (Tortoise)
  • One of the most famous formation
  • Used to approach castle
  • Not used commonly

Incredible speed

Exorbitantly strong

sad truth
Sad Truth

Many documents related to tactics of the Goguryeo were eliminated due to bad preservation and war.

goguryeo siege process1
Goguryeo – Siege (Process)

Gaemamusa rush to

side of opponent

goguryeo siege process2
Goguryeo – Siege (Process)

While Gaemamusa

fighting, horsemen

attack center of


goguryeo siege process3
Goguryeo – Siege (Process)

Mounted troops

pass enemy’s army

goguryeo siege process4
Goguryeo – Siege (Process)

When horsemen penetrated

opponent, rest of army

begin attack

goguryeo siege process5
Goguryeo – Siege (Process)

Then, all soldiers assault

in 4 directions, and archers

supports from behind

  • Speed
  • Tactics
  • Defense
  • Offense
  • Some other points
  • Rome

33km per day

  • Goguryeo
  • 72km per day
defense rome
Defense - Rome
  • Basically breastplate
  • Resistant to swords
  • Weak at spear, axe, and arrows
  • Very good to move
defensive goguryeo
Defensive - Goguryeo
  • Covering from head to foot
  • Resistant to swords and arrows
offensive rome
Offensive - Rome
  • Advanced standoff weapon
  • Enough to smash formation

These were the cheat, actually

offensive goguryeo
Offensive - Goguryeo
  • At mountain, overwhelmingly superior
  • Advanced weapons
  • Tactically predominant
i mportant thing
Important thing

We don’t know who is stronger until they actually fight!