6 th 8 th grade language arts
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6 th & 8 th Grade Language Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6 th & 8 th Grade Language Arts. Room C209 Mrs. Duarte. Language Arts Goals. To apply language skills such as: Speaking Listening Reading Writing Viewing Be able to and improve following language skills: Narrate Describe Explain Persuade Examine Compare Analyze Evaluate

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6 th 8 th grade language arts

6th& 8th Grade Language Arts

Room C209Mrs. Duarte

Language arts goals
Language Arts Goals

  • To apply language skills such as:

    • Speaking

    • Listening

    • Reading

    • Writing

    • Viewing

  • Be able to and improve following language skills:

    • Narrate

    • Describe

    • Explain

    • Persuade

    • Examine

    • Compare

    • Analyze

    • Evaluate

    • Interpret

    • Inform

    • Entertain

    • Express feelings and ideas

Textbooks and supplies
Textbooks and Supplies

The following items need to be brought to class on a DAILY basis:

  • Springboard

  • Book for independent reading

  • Composition Notebook

  • Binder with dividers for each subject

  • Paper

  • Black/blue pens and/or pencil

  • Highlighters


Class rules and expectations
Class Rules and Expectations

  • Be in class on time and ready

  • Bring homework and complete assigned work

  • Remain quiet during class and during tests

  • Show respect for everyone

  • Refrain from touching anything which does not belong to you

  • Obey ALL school rules and instructions

  • Try your best at all times

Class procedures
Class Procedures

Entering the classroom…

  • Quietly to your assigned seat

  • Submit tardy slip when late

  • Go to “what you’ve missed…” folders if absent

  • Write down homework

  • Work on bellwork

Class procedures1
Class Procedures

Turning in papers…

  • All papers should have:

    • Full name

    • Date

    • Period number

    • Assignment title

  • When completed, place papers in center of table ready to be collected

6 th 8 th grade language arts


Cornell notes in notebook

Compare and Contrast

What is compare?

When we look for similar characteristics between two things.

What is contrast?

When we look for different characteristics between two things.

Both, but, while, on the other hand, differences, etc.

To organize details, use a Venn diagram.

What words does the author use?



For an awesome notebook grade you should have…

  • Numbered pages

  • Cover sheet with your name and period

  • Table of Contents

  • Complete heading (Date and Title)

  • Additional worksheets nicely folded and glued in notebook

Independent reading
Independent Reading

  • Have a book of your choice in your backpack at ALL times

  • Read 20 minutes everyday

  • Complete a reading log

  • Complete one book project of the book you liked the most per quarter

While i was gone
While I was gone….

Bring a note from home

Take it to the attendance office before 1st period

Have every teacher sign it

Pick up your “What did I miss?” packet from your period’s folder

Complete at home and place in appropriate basket

Submit Absent Slip to Attendance office at the end of the day

You may also refer to the class website to find list of assignments and presentations given in class while you were out

Class procedures2
Class Procedures

When filling out passes for bathroom…

  • Fill out hall pass in your planner

  • Quietly raise your hand and wait for the teacher to acknowledge you

  • Fill out the bathroom form on your way out the door

  • After the teacher has given you permission to leave the classroom, do so and come back to your seat quietly

Class procedures3
Class Procedures

When testing…

  • Clear your desk

  • Silently complete the test on your own

  • Raise your hand quietly if you have any questions

  • Place it face down and raise your hand when finished

  • Take out your independent reading book and read until everyone has finished the test

Class procedures4
Class Procedures

When exiting the room…

  • Wait until your teacher dismisses you

  • Clear table and make sure borrowed supplies are returned into the appropriate location

  • Stand quietly

  • Place chair under table

  • Walk to your next class in an orderly fashion

Group assignments
Group Assignments

  • Resource Monitor-Ensures team members have all supplies needed to complete task and places complete supplies back to assigned location

  • Recorder-compiles group members’ ideas and summarizes the group’s answers to present to class

  • Presenter- Presents the group’s finished work to the whole class

  • Time Keeper/organizer-Encourages group to task on task and keeps track of time. Makes sure every voice is heard


Various sites will be used to complete some assignments:

  • Class website teacherpress.ocps.net/aliciaduarte/

  • Moodle (Log in through class site)

  • Edmodo.com

  • Classdojo.com

  • Noredink.com

  • Newsela.com

  • Parentaccess.ocps.net

You will find a link to all websites in teacherpress.ocps.net/aliciaduarte/


  • Assessments 30%

  • Reading 20%

  • Writing 20%

  • Bellwork 10%

  • Homework 10%

  • Notebook/Portfolio 10%

Parking lot
Parking Lot

  • Post your question, comment or concern on a post it

  • Paste on the back wall

  • Your teacher will respond within 24 hours