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w e l c o m e b a c k n.
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W e l c o m e B a c k ! PowerPoint Presentation
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W e l c o m e B a c k !

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W e l c o m e B a c k !
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W e l c o m e B a c k !

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  1. WelcomeBack! ELA 2010-2011 Preview

  2. Goals for Today • Look at changes to PICASSO • What’s new for 2010-2011 • Preview the first quarter • Preview the new and improved Language Arts/ Reading Handbook

  3. Looking at the Big PictureSome Changes for 1st Grade

  4. Looking at the Big PictureSome Changes for 1st Grade

  5. Looking at the Big Picture

  6. Unit Resources

  7. ELA Blog

  8. ELA Blog

  9. Cobb Virtual Library

  10. Cobb Virtual Library

  11. GHGR Adoption Support

  12. tio

  13. Writing Rubrics

  14. Revised Writing Rubrics

  15. Revised Writing Rubrics

  16. Writing Student Samples

  17. New to PICASSO

  18. The Writing Piece

  19. The Commentary for the Sample

  20. CCSD Rubric

  21. Unit Outlines

  22. Unit Outline

  23. Unit Outlines Resources Parent letters

  24. Parent Letter

  25. Unit OutlinesEssential Vs. Supplemental Lessons

  26. Essential vs. Supplemental LessonsGrade 1 Unit 2 Sample

  27. ELL Differentiations

  28. Looking at the Big Picture

  29. Table of Contents

  30. Table of Contents

  31. Sound Spelling Cards

  32. Sound Spelling Cards

  33. ABC RAP

  34. A Sneak-Peek into Quarter 1

  35. Reading Timeline • GHGR Focus Lessons Unit 1 are Essential for Developing a Classroom of Readers • DON’T SKIP THESE, however you may need to tailor these to your group of students • GHGR suggests Guided Reading should begin Unit 2; we suggest beginning when your procedures and routines are WELL established

  36. Writing Timeline • GHGW gives no introductory lessons; just ideas • PICASSO gives Calkins and El Paso lessons • Introductory Lessons (Up to four weeks) • Begin GHGW • Unit 1 (Two weeks) • Unit 2 (Three weeks) Building a Community of Writers is ESSENTIAL!!

  37. Report Card and Teacher Rubrics

  38. Report Card

  39. K-3 Report Card Marking Guide For Reading

  40. Special Education 411

  41. Special Education Services: Specialized Instruction Special Education services are defined as providing “specialized instruction”. Specialized instruction can consist of strategies that target individual student learning issues… Or it can consist of specialized research-based programs that address learning issues within the co-taught classroom or small group special education classroom.

  42. What is required for Students With Disabilities (SWD)? Many SWD have significant deficits in literacy skills (reading, writing, spelling, language, etc.). Data from CCSD indicates a large number of SWD going from elementary to middle to high school with very low reading skills. When a SWD’s overall reading level is 2 or more grade levels below, the student needs to receive intensive intervention through a specialized instruction reading program – to prevent this consequence.

  43. Essential Question: What are we doing differently to provide intensive interventions for SWD who are 2 or more years below grade level in reading? K-3 Phonological Awareness and Word Work: (for both co-taught and small group) Fundations Small Group K-3 Guided Reading Writing: – Targeted Reading Intervention and Exploring Writing 4th-5th All Literacy Areas: the Language! Comprehensive Literacy Program

  44. Resources and Support To provide continuity, the Special Education Department has specialized instruction programs for reading in elementary, middle and high schools. There is an urgency to increase reading skills for SWD before they enter middle school. Specialized Instruction Consultants are available to provide training and support for every school. Contact Debbie Lozo for more information

  45. ELA Handbook Preview