environmental products of biotechnology n.
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Environmental products of biotechnology

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Environmental products of biotechnology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental products of biotechnology. By: Robert Mack Chris Dandridge . Biodiesel .

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Environmental products of biotechnology

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    1. Environmental products of biotechnology By: Robert Mack Chris Dandridge

    2. Biodiesel • A benefit of biodiesel is that it contains no sulfur or aromatics. But a bad thing about biodiesel is that it is not very good for the environment . Biodiesel is made up of living organisms .It is also made into three categories • First Generation biofuels are made largely from edible sugars • Second Generation biofuels are mainly made out of nonrenewable plants • Third generation mainly made of algae and microbes .

    3. Ethanol • Ethanol is an alternative fuel that doesn't cost that much . In the early days, Ethanol was use as an alternative fuel. A benefit of Ethanol that it is good for the environment . The production of ethanol benefits our economy on all levels local , state and national.

    4. Methane Gas • Methane gas traps heat better than any regular gas. Methane also is a regular potent of gas. A benefit of Methane gas is that farmers can use it to make electricity so they can watch TV . A bad thing about methane gas is that it traps21 times more at trapping radiation than carbon dioxide .Methane gas come from digestive juices.

    5. Biodegradable products • Some material of bioagradeble products are hydrogen , Carbon, bacteria and simpler organisms. A con of bioagradeble products that it not very good for the enviorment.A benefit of Biogradeable things is that they take less to produce .

    6. Plastic made from corn • A benefit of plastic made from corn is that it’s manufacture form corn is a renewable source. Also it doesn't leak chemical into food. A bad thing about it, is that has rarely any commercials. Also a bad thing about it’s taking away from our food supply.

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