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Products of Biotechnology PowerPoint Presentation
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Products of Biotechnology

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Products of Biotechnology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Products of Biotechnology
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  1. By : Nazhe horsford Jonathon Martin Products of Biotechnology

  2. Plastic made from corn • Usually Plastic is made from oil but now, Scientist have figured out a way to make plastic from corn . Since our oil is so precious and is at a minimum and we have enough corn to go around, we now make plastic from corn. So that we don’t waste anymore oil. The only thing that’s bad about corn plastic is that we lose more corn.

  3. Biodegradable products • Biodegradable products are items that have been made up by something. Like trees make paper and corn makes plastic. • The purpose of it is to save our precious resources that we need. The pros of it is that we save more resources and the cons are that we lose more of what we made the product with.

  4. Biodiesel • Biodiesel is a natural and renewable domestic fuel alternative for diesel engines made from vegetable oils, mostly soy and corn. It contains no petroleum, is nontoxic and biodegradable. • The pros is that your car’s engine is improved And upgraded so that the engine can last long. The cons is that you lose vegetable oil.

  5. Ethanol • Ethanol (which is also called ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol,) is an alcohol alternative fuel that is blended with gasoline to produce a fuel that lasts a longer period of time and less harmful chemical’s than unblended gasoline. • The pros is that you have better gasoline that lasts long and the cons is that its an easy chance that the process will fail.

  6. Enviro pig • Enviro pig is just that a pig that has been genetically engineered to excrete less phosphorous in its feces enviro pig was developed by researchers from the university of Guelph in Ontario it is the first genetically modified food animal on the market. • Why did scientists genetically modify a pig ?

  7. Questions. • 1. Is Ethanol and methane gas able to be used in any kind of cars? • 2. How can I use methane gas in a vehicle. • 3 . How much corn does it take to make one plastic cup. • 4. what are some products with corn plastic in them. • 5. Do we have enough corn to to make plastic cups for every brand?

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