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[:environmental biotechnology :] PowerPoint Presentation
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[:environmental biotechnology :]

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[:environmental biotechnology :] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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[:environmental biotechnology :]. By jada and tamarra. {;Cloning pets:} . Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact copy of the other. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between those two.

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[:environmental biotechnology :]

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    1. [:environmental biotechnology:] By jada and tamarra

    2. {;Cloning pets:} • Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact copy of the other. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between those two. • Farm animals such as cows,sheep,and goats are currently being genetically engineered to produce drugs or proteins that are useful in medicine. • Pro’s-Control over uncertainty, standardized test subjects. • Cons-cloning is expensive and far from being certain to work well or properly, and the safety of animals being eaten has not yet been tested. • Dolly-the first cloned sheep was developed England. • ???-What farm animals are being genetically engineered ?

    3. Glow in the dark pets • Pairs of cats that are cloned from a mother altered skin cell that glow in the dark. The glow in the dark pet was a cat. • pro’s-cloning and glow in the dark animals boost up island stem cell research for helping the study of human disease. • Cons- safety of concocting cloned and transgenic animals continue to rage. • The first glow in the dark pet was developed in taiwan. • What was the first glow in the dark pet ?

    4. Enviro-pig:):} • Enviro – pig is an environment that is usually a place that has a good habitat so pigs can live happy and have a better place to survive. • Pro’s-reduces feed cost, and reduces the potential of water pollutions. • Cons-phosphorous is the major nutrient enabling algae growth to form that is the leading cause of fish killing. • The first enviro pig was developed in the university of guelph. • What is a pro for the enviropig invention?

    5. Bt Corn • Bt is shorthand for common soil-inhabiting bacteria called bacillus thurngiensis. Bt also refers to insecticide product made from these bacteria. • The purpose for Bt Corn allows us to improve crop varieties by adding genes from other kinds. • Pro’s-Bt Corn adversely can affect non-target insects if they are closely related to the target pest, as is the case with the monarch butterfly. • Cons-it might not naturally exist in the crop species , or it might be difficult to transfer within the crop species using classical plant breeding techniques. • Bt corn was developed in the university of Kentucky . • What is the purpose for Bt Corn ?

    6. Transgenic cow:] • Transgenic cows are animals who don’t get diseases. • Purpose-no cows will transfer a disease while producing milk. • Pro’s-collecting more milk without the milk containing bacteria. • Cons-the medications often fail to fully penetrate the mammary glands , leaving the surviving bacteria to wreak havoc yet again. • The first transgenic cow was developed in

    7. Resources : • • And the websites that come with it. • Yandle’s website.