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Rembrandt Van Rijn

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Rembrandt Van Rijn. Presented by Jennifer Fainot. Rembrandt 1606-1669. At the age of 13 Rembrandt began Latin school to prepare for a life in politics. Two years after beginning Latin school he was forced to leave due to religious revolution.

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Rembrandt Van Rijn

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rembrandt van rijn

Rembrandt Van Rijn

Presented by Jennifer Fainot

rembrandt 1606 1669
Rembrandt 1606-1669
  • At the age of 13 Rembrandt began Latin school to prepare for a life in politics.
  • Two years after beginning Latin school he was forced to leave due to religious revolution.
  • His parents sent him to become an apprentice with Jacob Isacszoon van Swanenburgh and later with Pieter Lastman.
  • Rembrandt acquired many skills from the painters which he improved upon throughout his carrier.
a partnership
A Partnership
  • Rembrandt met Jan Lievans, another talented young artist, following his second apprenticeship.
  • The two artists produced artwork together and Lievans’s father became their art dealer.
  • In 1629 the pair began producing artwork for the Prince of Orange to decorate his new palace The Hague.
  • Rembrandt eventually moved to Amsterdam leaving Lievans to the service of the Prince of Orange.
the beginning of a career
The beginning of A Career
  • Rembrandt moved to Amsterdam and began working for Uylenburgh who provided him with commissions and a studio to work from.
  • He was commisions by the surgeons guild to complete a painting of the members.
  • Amsterdam was economically booming at the time which was also a good sign for an artist of Rembrandt’s talents.
the anatomy lesson of dr nicholas tulp
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholas Tulp
  • This was the first guild painting commissioned to Rembrandt and it became very famous throughout the art world.
  • Saskia was Rembrandt’s first wife and the cousin of Uylenburgh.
  • Shortly after they were married Saskia died after giving birth to the only surviving child of four.
  • Titus their son was born in 1642.
  • After the birth of Titus and the death of Saskia Rembrandt’s luck seems to diminish until the end of his life.
politics and money
Politics and Money
  • The political struggles of Rembrandt’s time often left Rembrandt hungry for work.
  • Without money or commissions he could not afford models.
  • The lack of money helped Rembrandt to produce some of his most famous paintings.
  • Rembrandt is well known for the self portraits that he painted using his skills and his collection of miscellaneous auction items that he picked up throughout his life.
the final days
The Final Days
  • Rembrandt met his second wife. They were never legally married, due to a clause in Saskia’s will Rembrandt was prevented from a second marriage at the expense of losing Titus’s inheritance.
  • He soon lost all of his possessions and lived off of Hendrickje and Titus’s business.
  • They sold his art for him to save it from being collected by creditors.
the final days9
The Final Days
  • Eventually Hendrickje was claimed by illness and shortly after her Titus died as well. Titus left behind a new born baby.
  • Rembrandt had a daughter, Cornelia, with Hendrickje.
  • Cornelia helped her father to survive in his old age.
  • Rembrandt died in 1669 on October 4th and he painted until then.
self portrait
Self Portrait
  • 1629
  • Oil on canvas
  • The Maurithshuis
  • Location: The Hague
self portrait11
Self Portrait
  • 1634
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Rembrandt as A Young Man
  • Location: Florence
self portrait12
Self Portrait
  • C. 1635
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Rembrandt and Saskia in the scene of the Prodigal Son in the Tavern
  • Location: Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden
self portrait13
Self Portrait
  • 1640
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Self Portrait
  • Location: National Gallery London
self portrait14
Self Portrait
  • 1660
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Portrait of the Artist at his Easel
  • Location: Musee du Louvre, Paris
self portrait15
Self Portrait
  • 1661
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Self Portrait
  • Location: English Heritage, Kenwood House, London
self portrait16
Self Portrait
  • 1669
  • Oil on Canvas
  • This is one of his last few portraits
  • Location: National Gallery, London