4 legendary artists who painted portraits rembrandt vincent van gogh frida kahlo and chuck close n.
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4 Legendary Artists Who Painted Portraits Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Chuck Close. Rembrandt. Rembrandt was a Dutch painter born in 1606 in the Netherlands (Holland). He lived during the period of time known as the Baroque period (17 th century)

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  • Rembrandt was a Dutch painter born in 1606 in the Netherlands (Holland).
  • He lived during the period of time known as the Baroque period (17th century)
  • His full name is Rembrandt van Rijn.

Rembrandt painted self-portraits at various stages of his life. These are from his younger days.


This one was painted later, when he had become one of the most successful artists in Holland.

  • He became wealthy, but he was a big spender.

As he grew older, his career faltered and he had financial problems. His portraits show the strain.

vincent van gogh
Vincent van Gogh
  • Van Gogh was also Dutch, born in 1853 in Holland. He tried several careers and failed at them all.
  • He had a very intense personality that made it difficult to make friends.
  • The period of art in which he worked is called Post-Impressionism.

At age 30 he decided to become an artist.

  • His paintings of sunflowers are some of his most famous works.

Van Gogh moved to France and began painting in bright colors.

  • He used brushstrokes of thick paint. This technique is called impasto.

In his thirties van Gogh began having mental problems. He suffered from depression and fits of rage. He may have had bipolar disorder. At times it got so bad that he had to be hospitalized for treatment.

  • He continued to paint. His most famous painting, “Starry Night”, was based upon the view from his window at the mental hospital.

During one particularly bad psychotic episode, Van Gogh went into a rage and cut off one of his ears with a razor

  • He painted this self-portrait during his recovery.

During his short career van Gogh sold only one painting.

  • He died believing he was a failure.
  • Shortly after his death people began to appreciate the genius of his art.
  • Now he is one of the most famous artists in history. His paintings sell for millions of dollars.

When she was young Kahlo was severely injured in a bus crash. Her back was broken and a piece of metal went through her groin. As a result she suffered severe pain

the rest of

her life and

had several



Kahlo often painted herself wearing traditional Mexican clothing and surrounded by things from her country.


Chuck Close is an American artist known for painting large portraits.

  • Early in his career he painted large hyper-realistic portraits.

Later, he began to use a grid to paint his portraits. Each square is like a miniature abstract painting.

At the peak of his career he was paralyzed by a burst blood vessel in his spine. He underwent rehab therapy and was able to paint again.
review questions
Review Questions
  • Where and when was Rembrandt born?
  • During what period of art did Rembrandt work?
  • Where and when was van Gogh born?
  • What art movement is van Gogh associated with?
  • How old was van Gogh when he decided to become an artist? What did he do before that?
  • What kind of illness did van Gogh suffer from?
  • Where was Starry Night painted?
  • What is the impasto technique?
  • How did van Gogh die? How old was he?
  • How many paintings did he sell during his life?
  • Where and when was Kahlo born?
  • What style of art did she work in?
  • Whom did Kahlo marry?
  • What art movement is Kahlo associated with?
  • What kind of imagery does Surrealism use?
  • What happened to Kahlo that caused her much pain and suffering?
  • Where and when was Chuck Close born?
  • What happened to Close that almost ended his career?

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