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Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organic Gardening. Deb Shubat, UMD Horticulture Instructor and Organic Grower. Organic plant Culture/ basics. Select Hardy Varieties own root, if possible Select disease resistant varieties Proper light exposure for the plant Water at the roots ( keep leaves dry)

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Organic Gardening

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organic gardening

Organic Gardening

Deb Shubat, UMD Horticulture Instructor and Organic Grower

organic plant culture basics
Organic plant Culture/ basics
  • Select Hardy Varieties
  • own root, if possible
  • Select disease resistant varieties
  • Proper light exposure for the plant
  • Water at the roots ( keep leaves dry)
  • Feed perennials in spring
  • Be compulsive with soil preparation
  • Sanitation, rouging, scouting
amending clay soil
Amending Clay Soil
  • Clay, Gaack
    • If you have clay, make raised beds
    • Roots of all terrestrial plants must have O2
    • Drainage essential, especially over winter
    • Organic matter, sand, perlite, gypsum
organic soil mixes for pots and seedlings
Organic Soil mixes for pots and seedlings
  • Approved components
    • Peat
    • Vermiculite
    • Perlite ( krum)
    • Lime (mined)
    • Wood ash
    • Blood meal
    • Bone meal
    • Yucca juice
organic soil mixes
Organic Soil mixes
  • For Tomatoes in pots
    • 5 gal peat
    • 5 gal loam
    • 2.5 gal vermiculite
    • 2 C “special recipe” fertilizer
      • 3 C bone meal
      • 2 C sifted wood ash
      • 1 C blood meal
      • 2 C dolomitic lime
organic soil mixes6
Organic Soil mixes
  • Seed Germination mix
    • 4 gal peat
    • 1 gal vermiculite
    • 1 gal perlite
    • ¼ C special recipe fertilizer
    • 1/4C Yucca juice mixed in 2 C water
  • Chamomile tea Fungicide
    • 2 C boiling water over 4 tea bags
    • put in spray bottle or H2O can
    • Contains potassium, Calcium and Sulfur
hints for growing seedlings
Hints for growing seedlings
  • Use low or no fertilizer in mix
  • Don’t use “wild” soil, use pasteurized
  • Transplant when there are 2 true leaves
  • Don’t let them get pot bound
  • Fertilize seedlings (¼ strength)
  • Shake or move the seedlings ( causing thigmomorphogenesis)
  • 4,4’flouescent bulbs 6”above seedlings
  • Sustain
  • Kelp and Fish emulsion
  • Crimson clover as green manure
  • Compost (fish enhanced) as mulch
    • I do Brew compost tea occasionally
    • I use alfalfa and chamomile tea on seedlings
  • Most commercial fish emulsions = 5-1-1. Most commercial liquid seaweed sprays = 0-0-1.
  • Combination is the best
  • Compost Tea’s nutrient value depends on your recipe
  • Warning: There is a fish recipe on the next slide
fish fertilizer
Fish fertilizer
  • If you are using fresh fish, you need to compost it separately in a 5 gallon closeable bucket. Fill bucket 1/2 full with extra browns ( high Carbon) like sawdust, leaves, or straw. You can add molasses to the fishy mixture in order to build up microbes in order to speed up decomposition. The sugars will also help control odors too. Open the bucket and stir the fishy paste daily or every other day in order to get air in the mix for better decomposition and better aerobic microbial growth in the emulsion. Let this paste rot for at least 1-2 weeks. The browns help control offensive odors and absorb organic nitrogen from the fish so that it is not leached out or evaporated.
fish fertilizer11
Fish fertilizer
  • You can now safely take the decomposed fish paste from the 5 gallon bucket and add it to your regular hot composting piles or add it to your special compost tea recipes. The more vegetable or fruity organic matter that you add to fishy compost the better you remove the offensive smells and the more trace elements you add to your compost and teas. This of course is optional.
  • Note: Your dog may volunteer to turn your compost!
compost tea
Compost tea
  • One version of vegetarian compost tea
  • Place in a large 32-gal. trash can:
  • 12 cups Alfalfa Pellets (make sure they don't contain salt),
  • 6 cups Cottonseed Meal
  • 2 cups Epsom Salts.
  • Fill it up with water,
  • Turn on a bubble stone
  • Cover, and let it brew in the sun for about 4 days. It works for everything!
lime sulfur
  • MIX 2 parts LIME SULFUR AND 1 PART DORMANT OIL FOR COMBINATION SPRAY ( lime –Sulfur stains wood and stone)
organic pest control deer
Organic Pest Control/ Deer
  • Shoot and eat
  • Fence
  • Repel: rotten eggs and bitters
    • Two eggs, 2T bitters,1qt water and 4 drops soap in blender, put in sprayer and apply before the eggs rot.
organic pest control voles
Organic Pest Control/ Voles
  • Shoot and eat
  • Get Cats
  • Trap
  • Keep grass mowed
  • Feed them bubble gum
  • New formulation soon to be Organically approved!!! 1/06
organic pest control dormant spray
Organic Pest Control/DormantSpray
  • Timing for Dormant Spray: Apply in early spring when danger of frost is past, before leaf buds show green at tips. Wet all parts of woodies thoroughly but do not overspray. Spray on a mild morning to allow mixture to dry quickly do not spray during freezing or hot weather.
organic pest control dormant spray17
Organic Pest Control/DormantSpray
  • Dormant oil
    • Covers insects that over winter on woody trunks and stems
    • Smothers them
    • 2T oil, 3 drops soap, 1 qt water
pest control insects
Pest Control/ insects

Butterfly or moth

Bt kills these

Sawfly larva

pest control insects20
Pest Control/ insects
  • Insecticidal soap
    • Safers –
    • Murphys oil soap 2T/gal
    • Dr Bronners 5T/gal
    • Ivory liquid 5T/gal
organic insect pest control
Organic insect Pest Control
  • hand picking
  • paper wasps eat some larvae
  • Sticky traps in confined situations
  • Reflective mulch
  • Steinernema
  • Mint kills or repels wasps
organic pest control insects
Organic Pest Control/insects
  • Biological Control
    • Lady beetles ( Use native ladybugs!)
    • Lacewings
    • Hoverflies ( syrphid flys)
    • Bt
    • Nematodes
organic disease control fungi
Organic Disease Control/fungi
  • Acetic Acid (vinegar) shown to control fungus
    • 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to 5 liters of water.
  • Powdery Mildew
    • 1C whole milk to 7 C water + 2 T canola oil
    • 4 tsp Hort oil, 1tsp baking soda, 3drops soap, 1QT water
stimulate plant s resistance
Stimulate Plant’s Resistance
  • Aspirin is an activator of "systemic acquired resistance" (SAR).
  • spray a few plants with a 1:10,000 solution, (3 aspirins dissolved in 4 gallons of water) on a few plants, leaving other plants of the same species unsprayed (as a control). The SAR activation lasts from weeks to months*.
  • Also you can soak seed in the same solution to stimulate seed germination
    • *Avant Gardener 1/04
stimulate plant growth
Stimulate Plant Growth

Alfalfa contains Triacontanol a plant growth regulator

  • Plants treated with Triacontinol show greater leaf number and fruit yields
  • Seedling stimulator
  • Plants mulched with alfalfa hay show increased growth
reduce vole populations
Reduce Vole Populations
  • New Vole Bait Rodentrol
  • Made from Corn cobs, corn syrup and molasses and more.
  • Not toxic to pets or humans
  • Will be submitted to the Organic Materials Review Institute