grants grants grants presentation for the south dakota community foundation l.
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Grants, Grants, Grants Presentation for the South Dakota Community Foundation PowerPoint Presentation
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Grants, Grants, Grants Presentation for the South Dakota Community Foundation

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Grants, Grants, Grants Presentation for the South Dakota Community Foundation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grants, Grants, Grants Presentation for the South Dakota Community Foundation. John Williams Freelance Grant Writer Getting to know you. Briefly tell me: Your name Where you work Your grant writing experience. Getting to know me. John Williams

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grants grants grants presentation for the south dakota community foundation
Grants, Grants, Grants

Presentation for the South Dakota Community Foundation

John Williams

Freelance Grant Writer

getting to know you
Getting to know you

Briefly tell me:

  • Your name
  • Where you work
  • Your grant writing experience
getting to know me
Getting to know me

John Williams

  • 20 years of Grant Writing experience
  • 6 years at Public Television
  • 8 years in the arts
  • Last six years in Long-Term Care
  • Recently began freelancing with clients such as Sanford USD Medical Center, SD Synod of the ELCA and SD Lions Club
definitions and parameters
Definitions and Parameters

A grant is a legal contract between a funds recipient and a granting agency for the purpose of implementing a:

  • Carefully specified;
  • Mutually agreed upon;
  • Project or program
  • A partnership generally consists of multiple organizations and individuals working together under a common vision.
trends in foundation and government grant support
Trends in Foundation and Government Grant Support
  • Funders want to see communities working together to ensure non duplication of services
  • Very few to no general operating support $
  • New or expanded services
  • Demonstration projects and programs that involve community partnerships
  • Many app’s contain language “grantee must partner” etc.
rfp s request for proposals
RFP’s: Request for Proposals
  • AKA, NOFA’s, NOGA’s, ROA’s etc.
  • Requests for Proposal have lengthy, detailed instructions for required categories for the grant application:
    • Abstract
    • Background and significance
    • Problem Statement
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Workplan
    • Measurable Outcomes and Evaluation
aligning and writing to replicate
Aligning and Writing to Replicate
  • It is crucial that your project aligns with the grantors guidelines
  • After reviewing the RFP’s of your potential funders, choose the most difficult to write first
  • This way you can easily cut and paste sections of the large grant for other funders
create a grant writing team
Create a Grant Writing Team
  • Most people are afraid of grants with the perception that they are complicated and tedious. While this is can be true, there is safety in numbers
  • Identify your internal colleagues who have a stake in the project
  • Most businesses have a staff person who likes to work with numbers and data. Find them and befriend them
gather your resources
Gather your resources
  • Human
  • Financial
  • In-Kind
  • Volunteer
  • Outside partners (Letters of Support)
  • Write this last if possible but you may need to structure a draft of the abstract to distribute to stakeholders early in the process
  • This is your thesis and solution
  • Succinct, engaging, compelling
background of project
Background of project
  • Or How was the need identified?
  • Must research to complete this section
  • Data must be updated for each application
  • Find a trusted source of evidence based materials if possible
  • Lots of information available on the web to support most ideas
goals objectives activities benchmarks measurable outcomes
Goals, Objectives, Activities, Benchmarks & Measurable Outcomes
  • Goals are what you hope for
  • Objectives lead you to goals
  • Activities achieve objectives
  • Benchmarks are points in time in which particular activities are accomplished
  • Measureable outcomes are tools for evaluation
  • These should incorporate qualitative and quantitative measures if possible
work plan
Work Plan
  • This is one of the most helpful tools to guide your proposal.
  • Creates a timeline of activities and those responsible
  • Offers the opportunity to secure buy-in from internal and external stakeholders
  • Vital section of any grant
  • Strive to include both qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Best done by a third party
  • Use existing measure whenever possible
  • Information is Information—Positive or Negative
  • When you’ve organized your grant team, begin with the budget. Experience has shown that this discussion can bear out any potential issues in grant preparation.
  • Any in-kind contributions?
  • Does the RFP require matching funds?
  • What is your indirect cost rate?
  • How much detail do they want?
formal partnerships
Formal Partnerships
  • Payor sources
  • Contractors
  • Referral sources
  • Other providers
  • Social service agencies
  • Community agencies
informal partnerships
Informal Partnerships
  • State agencies
  • Workforce agencies
  • Social services agencies
  • County case workers
  • Like-minded organizations and institutions
benefits of partnership
Benefits of partnership
  • Funding of new or expanded service lines
  • Sharing the work
  • Financial support
  • Increased client base
  • Positive public relations
  • Demonstration of commitment to the community
challenges of partnerships
Challenges of Partnerships
  • Sharing of the grant award
  • Sustainability
  • buy-in
  • flexibility
  • leadership
  • resources
  • time
case study formal partnership
Case Study-Formal Partnership

Expansion of delivering telehealth technology to seniors in a 4 county area to reduce ER visits and nursing home admissions and re-admissions.

Partners: Good Samaritan Society

USDA Telemedicine Grant

State of MN University of MN (Evaluator)

County case managers

Public Health Nurses

case study informal partnership
Case study: Informal Partnership

Lutheran Social Services, Good Sam and Refugee and Immigration Center of Sioux Falls (Health Care Workforce Grant)

exercise and q a
Exercise and Q & A
  • The State Department of Social Services is providing dollars to agencies to increase access to preventive services with the goal of decreasing ER visits for residents with chronic diseases.
  • Identify your Formal and Informal Partners