‘Tortoise Haiku’
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‘Tortoise Haiku’. Giraffe. Nightfall. Ice - Cream. ‘Animal Rhyme’. ‘Dragon’. ‘Hands’. Waves. Poetry By Polam Hall Junior School. ‘Helping Hands’. Stars. Best Friends. ‘ T i g e r ’. Friends. ‘ Cheryl Went Pop ’. ‘Hands are Special’. Giraffe.

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‘Tortoise Haiku’



Ice - Cream

‘Animal Rhyme’




Poetry By Polam Hall Junior School

‘Helping Hands’


Best Friends



‘Cheryl Went Pop’

‘Hands are Special’

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A baby giraffeyellow with brown spots.Long neck circles and swirlsBrushing brown-green leaves.Legs knot as it fumbles … stumbles in an unsteady world. Giraffe grows up and meets a mate,Breeds and starts all over again!

By Saskia Fullerton-Smith

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A flowing shape,Twisting, twirlingColour play swirling,Like an emeraldIn the sky. By Emily Sandford-Watson

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‘Tortoise Haiku’

Walking along withA patterned, hard, heavy shell.A house on his back.

By Sophie May

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‘Animal Rhyme’

Dogs bite,Dogs fight.

Horses eat hay,Horses neigh.

Cats catch mice,Cats are nice.

Foxes poke into rubbish.Foxes are ticklish!

By Fleur Congreve

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The night is calmOver Hilary’s farm.The sheep are asleepLike Little Bo Peep.Horses are staring up at the starsAnd maybe even towards Mars!But ….. the silence stopsLike a balloon has popped,Up at Hilary’s farm.

By Charlotte Clarke

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Ice - Cream

I like ice-cream a lotI like it whenDays are hot.In a coneOr in a dishThis would be my only wish.Vanilla, chocolate, rocky road…Smothered in cakewith a flake.Mmmm…….

By Cara Dawson and Lana Bellis

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Holding and moulding

Slapping and clapping

Sleeping and weeping

Peeling and feeling.

Fighting and writing

Shopping and mopping

Scrubbing and rubbing

Taking and breaking

Pulling and pushing


Warming and warning

Caring and sharing

Handling and dangling.

Hand holdingHand.

Catherine Bateman and Angharad Warren

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‘Helping Hands’

Hands can hold hands

Hands can punch and fight

Hands can nip and grab!

Hands can rub and scratch and slap!

Hands can write and draw

Hands can dangle and shake

Hands can hold a baby gently …. kindly

Hands can clap with happiness.

Hands can peel a juicy orange

Helping, helping hands!

Hands can throw and catch

Hands can help to wash and dress.

Hands can hold hands.

Sophie Bradley and Anna Coffey

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Best Friends

My best friend is helpful, fun!

I talk to her every day.

So often I say to her:

“Hey, let’s go out and play!”

And she always says, “Ok!”

My best friend is caring towards me

Just like a big sister can be.

By Harriet Foster

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My best friend has two brothers

As cheeky as she is kind!

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

Than sitting under a tree –

Just her and me.

We used to help each other at school

I felt so upset. I think she was too!

But then she had to leave.

But we still see each other! We do, we do!

By Sophie May

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‘Cheryl Went Pop

Cherylate thewrongfood:Chipsandjunkand slop.SheateandateeverydayAnddidn’tknow whentostop!Itried totellher what todo,soItcameas quiteashock when,On FridaymorningShe suddenly …went…POP!

By DanielleRippon

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Angry tiger in a cageWith black and orange stripesThinks about his familyLying in the long grass.‘Let me go!’ROAR!!

By Jenny Dell

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Bright stars, so far in the sky,They will never die.So far in the sky.They fly away during they dayBut at night they twinkle and sparkle,Bright stars, so far in the sky.

By Sarah Bendle and Charlotte Elliott

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‘Hands are Special’

Hands can





Hands can

Flick the switch,

Hold tightly,

Mop quickly,

Clap loudly.

Hands can draw and write.

Hands can be rough –




Punishing, unkind hands.

Hands can play and swing.

Hands can






Hands are SPECIAL!

By Caitlin Godfrey, Tessa Pelham and Ellie Schoon

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Waves lap the silky sandFoaming and curling up the land.Spades and buckets, bats and balls,No time to have a bad fall.All the fish that swim in the sea,The cod and salmon are the ones for me.Dolphins and whales chatter and dive.You can see they’re definitely alive!

by Katie Atkins