3d olli improvements n.
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3D-Olli improvements

3D-Olli improvements

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3D-Olli improvements

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  1. 3D-Olliimprovements 3D-Olli Media Production

  2. B to B • Name & Logo • Slogan is missing • Modifications to main page e.g. enlarge the pictures change colors (too dark) Relation in main page picture is missing (What bridge)

  3. B to B • Other pages: • Every information should be in English • New Task bar: History of the company Picture gallery Video gallery Contact information

  4. FOR CHILDREN • Animation • Characters: Vegetables (main character Mr potato) • 30 min every Saturday morning for 70 episodes • Adventures of Potatoes family in France • Bad Tomatoes from UK… ”battle”

  5. Products on Web Page • Plenty of games • Character creator • T-shirts, comic books, cuddly toys etc. • Download previous episodes • Order via web

  6. Thank Ya Alex-Angela-David-Niko-Raimo-Sophie-Teemu FRA HUN FRA FRA FIN FRA FIN

  7. Workshop 1: CRM Reda Šeškevičiūtė Audrius Jankauskas Justas Paulauskas

  8. Agenda • Introduction • PRiZM analysis • Case study

  9. Introduction • Knowledge of your customers • Customer profile • Overrepresentation and underrepresentation

  10. PRiZM analysis • The definition • Usage • Coding • Example (12 BHV) • Profiles • Applications

  11. Case study • Information needed • Verifying types of your consumers • Finding target group • Writing a persuasive letter

  12. Case study: The Letter Dear Sir or Madam, Share your CompuSmash High-Speed Internet™ connection with all your computers Connect up to five computers and share printers, files and much more with one dedicated CompuSmash High-Speed Internet connection. With wireless home networking you'll enjoy the freedom to access the Internet from any room in your home. Mobile – No more wires to your modem. Use your computers and peripherals practically anywhere in your home – all at the same time. Reliable – State-of-the-art wireless networking modem and adapters give you faster speeds at longer distances and complete Wi-Fi compatibility. Fast – High-Speed Internet™ technology increase Internet speed up to 10Mbit/s. You will never wait until a web page loads and you’ll be able to download anything in a seconds. Security – we can provide every king of security you wish: firewalls, spam-filters. We can control the accessibility to any web page, block adult add-ons in any webpage or any adult content on the net so you can let your children to play or do anything they want on the Internet. No spyware or any other viruses could overcome this kind of security. Installed software is not so secure. We can track your usage of the Internet, prepare statistics and inform you if we will find any security vulnerability. Simple – Easy to install and requires no new wiring or jacks. Free technical support for the first 30 days. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection, a wireless-ready modem and a wireless adapter for each computer connected to the network. Save your time! Yours sincerely, CompuSmash

  13. Questions?

  14. E-marketing Strategy for a SME Jan-Paul Nachtwey Minna Kakko Viivi Kakko Kristina Harju Pasi Knuutila Karin Panzenböck Christopher Bäck

  15. E-marketing Strategy for a SME • Intronics wants to expand their business to Austria. • Define a strategy how to do it, how they should do it, how they go to the market.

  16. Company profile • Intronics supplies technical accessories and cables to the IT-branche • It has very reliable connections to manufacturers and suppliers over the world. • Their core business is trading in electro- mechanical components. • It has a good reputation in the Netherlands.

  17. 1. Define the objective of the Homepage Make the company well known Get more customers Gives information of the company Gives the first impression of the company

  18. 2. What content should be offered on the homepage? Success stories Customers (known in Austria) Online product catalogue Product information News New products that are coming

  19. 3. Which services should be offered? Online ordering Automatic orders Feedback service Support

  20. 4. Define how to measure the objective How many visitors in the web page What pages they are looking at

  21. 5. Think about the ways to get the new customers to the homepage Deal with Advertising in the professional magazines (B2B) Marketing concept to small pc stores

  22. Thank you for your attention Any questions? (Don’t ask us)