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Lauri Lajunen and Olli Silvén

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Lauri Lajunen and Olli Silvén - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s Up 23 May 2012 Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the University of Oulu for 2013–2016. Lauri Lajunen and Olli Silvén. Target state for universities 2020 (OKM). Strong higher education institutions Faster entry from high quality education into work life

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What’s Up 23 May 2012Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the University of Oulu for 2013–2016

LauriLajunen and Olli Silvén

target state for universities 2020 okm
Target state for universities2020 (OKM)


Fasterentryfromhighqualityeducation into work life

Competitiveness, well-being and influencefromresearch and innovations

Securingquality with internationalization

Developing the highereducationcommunity

agreement 2013 2016
Agreement 2013–2016

Mission and profile:

The University of Oulu is a multidisciplinary and internationallyfunctioning science university. The University is a prominentexpert in multidisciplinarynorthernness. The Universityworks in closecooperation with businesses and researchinstitutions, and it is the foremostinnovationactor in the area.


1) Biosciences and Health, 2) Information Technology, 3) Culturalidentity and interaction, and 4) Environment, Natural Resources and Materials, including Steel Research and Mining and Mountain Industry as developmentareas

goals years 2013 2016 average
Goals (years 2013-2016 average)

Higheruniversitydegrees: 1545

Doctoraldegrees: 158

Loweruniversitydegrees: 1280

Foreigndegreestudents: 600

Incomingoroutgoing (for minimum of 3 months) exchangestudents: 900

The Universitywillincreasestudyplacesby 22 in 2014 sothattherewillbe a minimum of 149 studyplaces in the field of studyfromyear 2014

The Universitywillstartspecialclassteachereducation

central development targets
Central developmenttargets
  • The Universitywillstrengthenits international researchcooperation with the universitiesthatarebest for developingitsfocusareas, utilizing the results of the overallassessment of research in 2013.
  • The Universitywillenhanceitsmeasures to acquireinternationallycontestedresearchfunding (proposition by the University of Oulu).
  • The Universitywillenhanceitsmeasures to improve the completion of studies.
  • The Universitywillrenewitsstudentadmission.
basic funding of the university of oulu for year 2013 according to the new finance model
Basic Funding of the University of Oulu for year 2013 according to the new finance model

UO Share 2012

University of Oulu in Finland 2009/8/7/6/-2010/11
  • Percentage shares of the faculties in their fields and the national share of the university
  • based on newest available data; MB = ’Med. BSc ’ correction
  • reference level : usage of ministry of education funding in 2010
  • rottom row: funding shares based on 2013 ministry of education model
  • Important notice: this is not a comparison between faculties at UO!