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Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign with Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign with Social Media

Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign with Social Media

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Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign with Social Media

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  1. Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign with Social Media By:

  2. Initiation • The idea of boosting an email marketing campaign through social media may sound like an odd one. But, in today's competitive world social media is an e-mail marketing campaign's best companion. By using the power of social media, email marketing can be a highly effective through which you can send out your message and promote your product.

  3. How to Improve Email Campaign With Social Media • Here are a few significant tips on maximizing your email campaign efforts by using social media: • Include Social Media Icons • Strong Presence on Social Media • Be Straightforward • Tell your subscriber to share your product • Track your Campaign through Social Media • Make Social Profiles Up to date • Provide Discount on Liking your Fan Page

  4. Include Social Media Icons • You can make your email campaigns effective by including social media icons in the copy of the email. These icons will help in driving more traffic to your various channels as well as enable subscribers to share the content which will increase the reach.

  5. Strong Presence on Social Media • If you have a strong presence on social media you should make it a point to adapt your emails around effective social interaction. You can use these messages to bring people to the original content.

  6. Be Straightforward • The most significant point in an e-mail marketing campaign is to be straightforward. As the social icons may be placed tactically in your email, users who are used to reading emails may miss a chance on them. Be direct and ask people to connect.

  7. Tell Your Subscriber to Share Your Product • Brands or products with effective followers can request their friends to share their views and testimonials which can be used to make your email content eye-catchy to potential fans.

  8. Track Your Campaign Through Social Media • Tracking your e-mail campaign through social media can also help you know if you are connecting with your intended audience.

  9. Make Social Profiles Up to date • Give your customers an exact reason to go through your social media profiles. You may also include information about latest company events or social media profiles to go after. You should make your social profiles informative, attractive and interactive.

  10. Provide Discount on Liking Your Fan Page • Devote some of your e-mails to strictly promote your social media profiles and offer deals or discounts through them. For instance, tell your customer that if they like a link on your fan page, they will get discounts on their next buy.

  11. Conclusion • There is no doubt that e-mail marketing and social campaigns will continue to assemble and integrate. Email is a perfect match for social media, so make a long lasting relationship with these two techniques of communication today.

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