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social media campaign

social media campaign

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social media campaign

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  1. social media campaign account executive:jessica miller assistant account executive:lauravasbinder creative director: andreaevans technical services coordinator: john henderson

  2. What is • is a combination of all student media groups in the Department of Communication at Otterbein University. • This central news portal provides instant information to Otterbein students, faculty and staff on campus, as well as alumni and parents of students across the nation. • Otterbein360 is accessible through its website, Facebook and Twitter.

  3. The problem: • Few people on Otterbein’s campus knew about the benefits of Otterbein360 or its social media presence and used other media outlets to get their news. • Problem/Opportunity Statement: In order to educate our audiences about news and events happening in the community, our challenge is to create awareness among the Otterbein Community about Otterbein360 and to drive people to the website.

  4. Goal: • To establish as the identifiable, trustworthy campus news and information resource. Audiences: • Our target audiences are the underclassmen. Of the underclassmen, they will divided up into four subcategories according to interests/student involvement: • Student athletes • Greek community • Arts students • Other student organizations

  5. Objectives: • To increase awareness of and its corresponding social networks among freshmen and sophomores from 41 to 60 percent by Friday, March 4, 2011. • To increase the number of Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers from 25 to 50 percent by Friday, March 4, 2011. • To increase the number of students who like or retweet specific posts of tweets shared through Otterbein360 Facebook and Twitter accounts. Note: From our research, we found that many students were receptive to liking the Otterbein360 page on Facebook, so instead of focusing on Facebook and Twitter, we focused heavily on Facebook.

  6. Strategy #1: • Highlight Otterbein360 on Otterbein-related websites, including My O-Zone. Strategy #2: • Create an Otterbein homepage profile with Megan Wycuff (Otterbein360 editor-in-chief).

  7. Strategy #3: • Create posters for various strategies, including posting in academic buildings, library, and for distribution to campus opinion leaders.

  8. Strategy #4: • Encourage participating media to promote Otterbein360 through its media. • Recommendation: Follow up and complete cross-promotional contracts with each media organization. Strategy #5: • Create a Facebook event • Baseline Survey • Recommendation: Hold the Facebook fan contest once every semester.

  9. Strategy #6: • Hold a drawing for Facebook likes. • Facebook fan contest event

  10. Strategy #7: • Paint the Otterbein rock. • Recommendation: Paint the rock once a year.

  11. Strategy #8: • Put table tents on the tables in the Cardinal’s Nest.

  12. Strategy #9: • Follow, like and retweet content from sports, Greek chapters, arts departments and student organizations and encourage members and leaders to post information about events on the Otterbein360 Facebook wall.

  13. Subcategory: Student Organizations Strategies: • E-mail student organization leadership.

  14. Subcategory: Greek Life Strategy #1: • Communicate with Pan-Hellenic Council and Interfraternity Council to distribute to chapter leaders and members. Strategy #2: • Send materials to Otterbein Center for Student Involvement to distribute to chapter leaders. Ask leaders to tell chapter members about Otterbein360 and campuswide social media contest.

  15. Subcategory: Student Athletes Strategy: • Put information and links to Otterbein360 in athletic programs and roster sheets handed out at each sporting event.

  16. Subcategory: Arts-related students Strategy: • Contact professors in the academic departments and ask if they would disseminate the fliers.

  17. Results analysis: • Baseline survey • Twitter versus Facebook • Second baseline survey • Positive results of the Facebook contest • Fliers and the rock were very successful • Out of 50 people surveyed after efforts, 38 said they would and 16 said they do like Otterbein360 on Facebook.

  18. Thank You!