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Presenter: Kevin Loughnane 24/02/2007. Delivering Effective Presentations. Introduction. Barack Obama Only a senator for 2 years Unproven track record Unknown in politics until 2004 Possibly the next US President!. Why? Amazing public speeches!.

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Delivering effective presentations l.jpg

Presenter: Kevin Loughnane


Delivering Effective Presentations

Introduction l.jpg

  • Barack Obama

  • Only a senator for 2 years

  • Unproven track record

  • Unknown in politics until 2004

  • Possibly the next US President!


Amazing public speeches!

The aim of this session l.jpg
The aim of this session….

  • By the end of this presentation I hope you will never look at another presenter, trainer or public speaker in the same way again!

  • This is your first step in becoming a more effective presenter

Group activity what makes a good presenter l.jpg
Group ActivityWhat makes a good presenter?

  • Think of some famous public speakers –



Sports personalities

What makes you want to listen to what they have to say?

5 steps to presentation success l.jpg
5 Steps to Presentation Success

Practice, practice, practice!

Speaking to impress

Body Language & Gestures

Quality materials=quality presentation

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

1 prepare prepare prepare l.jpg

“Fail to prepare – prepare to fail!”


Know your subject

Know your audience

Know your environment

Know your materials

Know your presentation!!

1.Prepare, prepare, prepare!

2 quality materials l.jpg
2. Quality Materials

  • PowerPoint versus OHP

  • Additional information

  • Relevant to your group

  • Three Golden Rules of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • 6 x 6

  • If you don’t need it, drop it!

  • Keep it interesting

3 body language gestures l.jpg
3. Body Language & Gestures

  • Appropriate gestures

  • Positive body language

  • Minimise movement

  • Avoid distractions

4 speaking to impress l.jpg

Nervous? That’s okay!!


The four P’s





Tell them what you’re going to tell them

Tell them

Tell them what you’ve just told them

4. Speaking to Impress

5 practice practice practice l.jpg


Your timing

Your delivery style

Your posture & gestures

Tip:Most successful presenters will videotape themselves to identify what they can improve upon

“An ounce of practice is worth more

than tons of preaching.”

Mahatma Gandhi

5. Practice, practice, practice

Remember l.jpg

Try to find key information on your audience

Keep your PowerPoint presentation simple– 6x6

Don’t let your gestures become a distraction

Vary your pace and pitch to hold their interest

Film yourself presenting to identify areas of improvement