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Exploring Culture and Identity Through Artifacts PowerPoint Presentation
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Exploring Culture and Identity Through Artifacts

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Exploring Culture and Identity Through Artifacts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aubrey McGuire Lauren Morrow Liz Nicoletti. Exploring Culture and Identity Through Artifacts. When you hear the word “artifact”, what do you think of?. Discussion question. Which picture represents an artifact?. http:// /images/hl= en&biw =1015&bih=635&gbv=.

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which picture represents an artifact
Which picture represents an artifact?

article definition

“Artifacts represent especially direct entryways into cultural inquiry and criticism for they are often ordinary, familiar, multiple, and integrated into everyday life” (pg. 282).

Article definition:
artifacts and children

Artifacts are important for children to examine

Helps children explore their own knowledge, experience, and attitudes

Springboard for more thought and learning

Artifacts and children
artifacts and children1

Looking at cultural objects of others, students become “anthropologists”

They find meaning and cultural expression within the artifact

Artifacts and children
sharing our artifacts

Share artifacts

Why they are important to us

“Artifacts provide keys to the values of people and they can be passed on to other generations” (pg. 282).

Sharing our artifacts
artifact activity

Please get out your sketchbooks

Draw a picture of your own artifact

Share the meaning of your picture with your group

Artifact activity
discussion of artifact

Choose one person from each group to share their artifact with the class

Why did you draw that artifact?

What does the artifact mean to you?

Discussion of artifact
incorporating artifacts into the classroom





Discuss how you could incorporate the idea of artifacts within each subject

Incorporating artifacts into the classroom