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English 1 st Paper Class: Nine/Ten Unit:1 Lesson:3 PowerPoint Presentation
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English 1 st Paper Class: Nine/Ten Unit:1 Lesson:3

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English 1 st Paper Class: Nine/Ten Unit:1 Lesson:3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English 1 st Paper Class: Nine/Ten Unit:1 Lesson:3. Flashback. 3 minutes. Think, what about this picture?. 3 minutes. Diagram of Becky’s family. Mr. Jhon Mable & Mrs Kristina Mable. Peter Mable & Jennifer Mable. Tracy Mable. Andrew Mable. Jacky. Mike. Becky.

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Presentation Transcript

3 minutes

Think, what about

this picture?


3 minutes

Diagram of Becky’s family

Mr. Jhon Mable & Mrs Kristina Mable

Peter Mable & Jennifer Mable

Tracy Mable

Andrew Mable




Who is Mr. Jhon Mable?

Mr. Jhon Mable is Becky’s grandfather

Who is Tracy Mable?

Tracy Mable is Becky’s aunt.

How are you peter and Tracy related?

Peter is Tray’s brother.

Mike is Becky’s brother.

Who is Mike?

How are you Jacky and Mike related?

Jacky & Mike are brother & sister.


3 minutes

1 September 1996

Boring breakfast!

I woke up at 6 am but felt too lazy to leave my bed. When I got up it was 6:30. I had my usual breakfast with cereal and milk: boring. I wish I had a different breakfast every morning. I

finished my breakfast very quietly, I knew Mum was enjoying her morning sleep. I went to school. Feeling tired I returned from school. I watched Popeye over a cup of milk. I enjoyed my dinner because this is the only time the family can sit together.

5 July 1999

Morning is the best time!

I can give my whole concentration to my studies. I got up at 6 and started to plan for my class project on Volcanoes. I jotted down some points to discuss with my friends. I had toast and tea for breakfast. No more waiting for the school bus. I feel very good when Papa drops me at school. I don’t like to watch cartoons any more, they are really childlike. I took little rest after school. Oh so much work to do before going to bed. I could not even find time for watering my plants.

5 May 1994

21 November l999

Shopping Today is Saturday. We went to the city centre with Mum. We had our - lunch at

Macdonald’s. Oh, I hate shopping and carrying all those heavy bags!

5 May 1994

My birthday!

I celebrated it with my friends. Mum baked a chocolate cake and Papa gave me a white kitten. I wish he had given me a puppy.

12 December 1999

Prayer day!

In the morning I went to church with

Mum and Dad. Jacky made a lot of

noise there. I wish she hadn’t made such

a commotion. Really embarrassing!

4 June1994

Collecting new stamps! I watered my indoor plants. Uncle Alex came from Canada to visit us. He brought me sweets and stamps. Last

time I told him about my hobby of collecting stamps.


5 minutes

The list will look like this:

List 1

Activities in class six

Present activities

Meeting friends

Collecting stamps

Watering planets

Feeling lazy in the morning

Breakfast with cereal and milk

Breakfast with toast and tea

Watching cartoons

Making plan for class project/serious study

Shopping with mother

Going to church with parents


5 minutes

List 2



Breakfast with cereal and milk

Breakfast with toast and tea

Going to school(while in class 9)

Going to school (while in class 6)

Cartoons (while in class 9)

Cartoons (while in class 9)

Collecting stamps

Studies (while in class 9)


Going to church with parents

Going to church


10 minutes

Ask your partners about his past habits.

Now write down at least six questions.

When did you use to get up?

What did you use to take for dinner?

What did you use to collect?

When did you use to go to school?

What thing did you use to take for lunch?

When did you use to come back your school?


5 minutes

Write some sentences using ‘used to.’

1. Karen used to play with dolls.

2. Sheila wasn't used to having to cook for herself.

3. I never used to get up so late.

4. His dog is used to staying home alone all day.

5. I wonder if you will ever be used to working so hard.

6. Herbert used to play basketball after school.

7. They aren't used to staying out so late.


5 minutes

Vocabulary Test


Indoor :


Commotion :

Embarrass :


Project :


Cereal :



Prepared by


Assistant Teacher

Coxsbazar Govt. Girls High School