blue river water quality investigation n.
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Blue River Water Quality Investigation PowerPoint Presentation
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Blue River Water Quality Investigation

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Blue River Water Quality Investigation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blue River Water Quality Investigation. What to bring. -Water -Warm clothes -Raincoat if possible -Pencil -Data Packet -Permission Slip?. Procedures-Biological. 1. Place kick net at an angle in the river substrate 2. Two people hold the sides in place

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what to bring

What to bring...


-Warm clothes

-Raincoat if possible

-Pencil -Data Packet -Permission Slip?

procedures biological

1. Place kick net at an angle in the river substrate

2. Two people hold the sides in place

3. One person kicks substrate (rocks, sediment) in front of kick net for 30 seconds

4. Pick up kick net at an angle and place on the river bank for examination

5. Randomly pick up macroinvertebrates and place in spaces in ice tray

procedures hardness

1.Fill tube with water and pour into glass bottle

2. Add Hardness 3 Powder Pillow and swirl

3. Add 1 drop Hardness 3 Titrant and swirl

4. Add drops until the water changes color

4. Write down the number of drops it took.

procedures alkalinity

1. Fill plastic tube with water and pour into class jar

2. Add 1 Phenolphthalein Indicator Pillow and swirl

3. If the color is clear, the phenolphthalein level is zero

4. If it turns pink add 1 drop of Sulfuric Acid and swirl. Keep adding until it turns clear.

5. Record number drops added.

procedures dissolved oxygen
Procedures-Dissolved Oxygen

1. Fill LARGE glass bottle with water, allowing to overflow for 2-3 minutes. Incline the bottle and place stopper in top.

2. Remove top and add 1 Oxygen 1 Reagant Powder Pillow and 1 Oxygen 2 Powder Pillow. Put stopper back on.

3. Invert bottle several times and then wait for floc to settle.

4. Wait 4-5 mins and invert bottle again. Wait another 4-5 minutes for floc to settle.

5. Add Oxygen 3 Reagant and invert again. Sample will turn yellow if oxygen is present.


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