webaccess hmi scada software product overview
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WebAccess HMI & SCADA software Product Overview

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WebAccess HMI & SCADA software Product Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WebAccess HMI & SCADA software Product Overview. What Is WebAccess Software?. Web Browser-based HMI and SCADA software For industrial control systems And facilities automation. HMI  H uman M achine I nterface. SCADA  S upervisory C ontrol and D ata A cquisition.

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Presentation Transcript
what is webaccess software
What Is WebAccess Software?
  • Web Browser-based
  • HMI and SCADA software
  • For industrial control systems
  • And facilities automation.

HMI Human Machine Interface

SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

industry applications
Industry Applications
  • Facilities Automation
  • Energy & Power
  • Petroleum & Chemicals
  • Semiconductor
  • Transportation
  • Water & Wastewater

HMI Human Machine Interface

SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

web browser hmi scada
Web Browser HMI & SCADA
  • View and control
    • Automation equipment.
    • via PLCs, Controllers, IO
    • In real-time
    • Using an ordinary web browser
      • Internet explorer 5.5 or 6.0
      • Unofficially, Netscape navigator 6.1
    • Animated graphics
      • Rotate, color change, motion across screen
  • Trends & data logging
  • Alarms, recipes, scheduler & more…
what makes webaccess unique
What makes WebAccess unique?
  • Web browser based Engineering!
      • Build Graphics (DRAW).
      • Configure Tags, Alarms, Recipes, Schedules and databases.
      • Download, Start and Stop Nodes.
      • Using Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0
      • Unofficially – Netscape Navigator 6.1
  • Remotely support customers
    • Reduce trips to field.
    • Faster customer response.
    • Reduce startup and down time.
  • Engineering Tool is independent of software version installed at customers’ site.
    • Engineers & technicians always have the right version of software needed.
what makes webaccess unique6
What makes WebAccess unique?
  • Ordinary Web Server
    • Microsoft IIS
      • standard option in Windows NT, 2000, and XP.
  • Redundant SCADA node
    • standard feature.
  • Redundant Communication Ports
    • Standard feature, If device driver protocol support this.
  • A “true” Thin Client
    • Any web browser including Windows CE pocket PCs, PDA and handhelds.
  • Designed for the Web
    • No legacy software.
    • 2002 technology.
traditional hmi and scada
Traditional HMI and SCADA
  • Traditional not designed for the Web
    • Limited or no remote database configuration
    • Limited or no graphics building via web browser.
    • limited function Web Client.
    • 1980’s technology.
    • locked into legacy software.
    • Web is a “patch” onto system.
    • Proprietary.
    • Software versions requires cataloging, tracking and “repurchase” of engineering tool(s).
  • Example:
    • Intellution/Emerson, Wonderware/Foxboro, Johnson, Indusoft, Citec, Iconics….
what makes webaccess unique8
ReviewWhat makes WebAccess unique?
  • Ordinary Web Browser to View and Control with full animation.
  • Ordinary Web Server.
  • A “true” Thin Client.
  • Redundant SCADA node.
  • Redundant Communication Ports.
  • Designed for the Web.
  • Web browser based Engineering!
  • Remotely support customers.
  • Engineering Tool is independent of software version installed at customers’ site.
    • Engineers & technicians always have the right version of software needed.
productivity tools in webaccess
Productivity tools in WebAccess
  • Import AutoCAD DXF files
    • Fully Edit (fill, color, group) and fully animate.
    • Floor plans, equipment drawings, P&Ids.
  • Import Gif, Bitmap, JPEG, icons.
    • Animate for size, position, frames.
  • One set of graphics for both web & local displays
    • No conversion of graphics required.
  • EXCEL import/export
    • Create and edit tags, alarms, recipes, etc.
  • Import SCADA nodes
    • Move easily from development laptop to customers’ PC.
    • Scale-up, down, merge projects easily.
productivity tools in webaccess10
Productivity tools in WebAccess
  • Vector based Graphics
    • Build at any resolution
    • View at any resolution
    • Scalable graphic within browser
    • Auto fit within browser client
    • Rendering of graphic and animation on client side to optimize system load
    • Smaller file sizes than bitmaps
  • Libraries of Symbols, and Widgets
    • Symbols and pre-animated Widgets supplied with system
    • Create Symbols and Widgets for later use.
    • Move Libraries to other projects
productivity tools in webaccess11
Productivity tools in WebAccess


  • Object oriented “tag” database
    • Parameters
      • Guide novice users with pre-defined addressing for all device drivers.
    • Blocks
      • PID, VAV and other controllers.
        • Setpoint, Measurement, Output, AM, tuning parameters, grouped into one tag.
      • Reduces time to build database
      • Block Detail Display reduces display building. Allows one display to view hundreds of the same Block Type.
    • Alarms standard feature of all tags
      • No separate alarm tags needed.
      • Check box to enable.
      • High-High, High, Low, Low-Low, Rate-of-Change, Hi Deviation, low deviation and State alarms.

Tag Name



Bit Length



Eng. Units



complete scada solution
Complete SCADA solution
  • Alarm Handling Package
    • Complete, “Out-of-the-box”
    • Alarm Summary Display
      • Sort and filter by Priority, Time, Location
    • Global Alarms
      • See and Acknowledge alarms from all SCADA nodes
    • Email and Pager notification of Alarms
    • PDA and Pocket PC view and acknowledge alarms
    • Alarm Log
      • Printer, hard drive and central database.
    • Disable alarms by Groups
    • Fast response Alarm Graphic, and more…
complete scada solution13
Complete SCADA Solution
  • Trending & data logging
    • 12 tags on one graph
    • Add /change tags without loosing data
    • Scroll by second, hour, day, month
    • Change scale (zoom)
    • X-Y plot and time based
    • HTML report (copy and paste data to EXCEL, etc.)
    • Local recording to hard drive
    • Centralized recording to single DB for all SCADA nodes
complete scada solution14
Complete SCADA Solution
  • Scheduled Reports
    • Shift, Daily and Monthly reports generated automatically
    • View current and previous reports in Web Browser
    • HTML report (copy and paste data to EXCEL, etc.)
    • Emails report in HTML format
    • Prints to printer or file
    • Centralized recording to single DB for all SCADA nodes
complete scada solution15
Complete SCADA Solution
  • Scheduler
    • Calendar, time of day, day of week and holiday schedules
    • Analog, discrete and text values
    • Temperature setbacks, lighting control, equipment applications
complete scada solution16
Complete SCADA Solution
  • Recipes
    • Download hundreds of setpoints and change equipment status with a single button
    • Redirect multiple recipes to multiple units
    • Batch, blending, startup and shutdown applications
complete scada solution17
Complete SCADA Solution
  • Integrated Video and Audio
    • Video in graphic Display with pushbuttons, trends etc.
    • Scripts to animate or rotate between cameras
    • IP enabled cameras
    • Security
    • Traffic and transportation
    • View and hear equipment startup
    • Windows media supported
complete scada solution18
Complete SCADA Solution
  • Security
    • “Area of responsibility”
      • Tags assigned to single area
      • Users assigned to one or more areas. Can not change tags outside assigned area.
    • Level
      • 127 access levels within an area.
    • Users
      • Restricted users – view display and data assigned to them.
      • General – all displays except ‘system displays”.
      • Power user all displays.
      • Project user – DRAW, configuration tool.
complete scada solution19
Complete SCADA Solution
  • Data base and Tag browser

View the entire database of every SCADA Node.

  • Current Value.
  • Description.
  • Span, Eng. Units.
  • Drill down to Point Detail info on Configuration: address, location.
  • Find Displays, trends, alarm groups using the tag.
complete facilities automation scada more than an hmi
Complete Facilities Automation SCADAmore than an HMI

Integral Facilities Automation functions

  • Scheduler
  • Alarm Notification by phone, pager, email, etc.
  • Security Video and Audio
  • Replaces 3rd Party software : cost, reliability, ease of use
  • Adds functionality to traditional automation IO

Leading Edge Internet technology

  • Access with web browsers
  • Remote Engineering & Technical Support.
  • Direct access by accounting for more accurate energy usage / time of day invoicing
  • Web browser access is current trend in the Telecom automation industry

Turn Facilities Automation into Energy Management

  • Aggregate multiple facilities into a single system
  • Improved electrical rates: load shedding, peak shaving, etc.
true internet connectivity
True Internet Connectivity
  • Clients are ordinaryWeb Browsers
    • MicrosoftInternet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0
    • Netscape 6.1
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Handhelds
  • Pocket PCS (iPAQ), PDAs
  • Windows CE, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
true internet connectivity23
True Internet Connectivity
  • Full Control
    • Setpoints
    • Equipment Start / Stop
    • Acknowledge Alarms
    • Thin Client has full control too!
  • Full Animation in Clients
  • Clients are Engineering Station too!
true internet connectivity24
True Internet Connectivity
  • Unlimited concurrent clients
    • No Client License Fees!
    • Automatic Download of Plug-in if needed
    • No Plug-in required for Thin Client
true internet connectivity25
True Internet Connectivity
  • Access with IP address, computer name or URL.
  • Pass through Dynamic IP
  • Private IP
    • with ICS or NAT
    • Port Mapping
  • Firewalls
true internet connectivity26
True Internet Connectivity
  • T1, DSL, ADSL, ISDN, 56K, 33.6K
  • Wireless Ethernet
multi layer internet security
Multi-Layer Internet Security
  • Microsoft IIS security
  • Windows Integrated Security
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates
  • Beyond ordinary Web Server security
  • Web Access adds additional security to connect
  • User name and Log-in
    • To view a display.
    • To Change a value.
    • 32 “Areas of Responsibility” .
    • User must be assigned to same Area the tag is assigned.
    • 127 Password Levels, User must also have a password “Level” that matches or exceeds that assigned to the tag.
fully scale able web application
Fully Scale-able Web Application
  • Networks.
    • Multiple clients and SCADA nodes.
    • WebAccess can aggregate multiple facilities into one system using TCP/IP.
  • Single Machine Interface
fully scale able web application29
Fully Scale-able Web Application
  • Unrestricted number of SCADA nodes
    • SCADA node connects to Programmable Controllers,I/O Devices,Loop Controllers, DCS Systems, DDC Systems, RTUs, Instruments
    • Up to 3000+ devices on a SCADA node
      • extendable to 16k
    • 60,000+ tags per node
    • No limitation on the location of SCADA nodes or devices.
fully scale able web application31
Fully Scale-able Web Application
  • Multiple seat database configuration
    • Any client can configure
    • No configuration seat License Fee!
  • Unlimited number of Client connections.
fully scale able web application32
Fully Scale-able Web Application
  • Standalone single HMI
    • Remote support
      • Via dial-up, intranet or Internet
    • Remote monitoring
      • by managers, engineering, accounting.
      • After-hours, Emergency or Swing Shift
    • Hazardous locations
webaccess application
WebAccess application
  • Easy to install
    • without prior web knowledge or experience of web site building
    • No HTML required by user
    • No graphics conversion
  • Automatic download of plug-in if needed by clients
  • Download files with a single pushbutton
webaccess application34
WebAccess application
  • Enables the average user to implement and maintain a small or large scale control system using built in networking tools.
customers local international
Customers – Local & International

Federal Reserve

Waste Water Controls


Embarcadero Center

6 SCADA nodes to control five 30-floor office buildings in San Francisco

University of California Berkeley Campus

Ten WebAccess nodes monitor & control 50 campus buildings


5 facilities including 2 FAB locations

Sandia Labs

customer international
Customer - International
  • Application : Home Automation.
  • Phase I Scale : Monitor 30,000 apartments.
  • Phase II Scale : Monitor 3 Million apartments.
typical customer
Typical Customer
  • Single PC
    • With occasional remote access
international customers
International Customers
  • Multiple language versions
    • English
    • Japanese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Localization design
      • Just fill in a column in Excel for translation
      • easily add a new language to Broadwin WebAccess
completely browser based hmi
Completely Browser-based HMI
  • All operations performed over the Internet (or intranet) using a web browser.
    • Real-time data for operators and managers.
      • Monitor, control, acknowledge alarms, download recipes, change setpoints, start and stop equipment…
    • Remote support by engineers and technicians.
      • All engineering, configuration, programming, and technical support using an ordinary web browser.
  • Real-time data + remote support = the first “completely” web browser-based HMI.
    • The competition offers only half a solution.
high performance design for the web
High Performance Design for the Web
  • Optimized for internet traffic
    • Speed sensitive data communication adjusts for each client
  • Vector based graphics
    • Smaller file size and faster downloads than bitmaps
  • High performance vector graphic engine
    • Very low CPU utilization
    • Runs on Client side to reduce network load
  • Win32, multi-threaded data kernel
    • all Microsoft Win32 platforms including Windows XP
  • Best driver performance
    • at least 7x faster than Intouch, 3x faster than iFix

The first fully Web browser-based HMI / SCADA software

  • Ordinary Web browser.
  • Ordinary Web Server.
  • Full Animation Client.
  • A “true” Thin Client for PDA and Pocket PC.
  • Email and text messaging of Alarms.
  • Web browser is the Engineering Tool .
    • Configure Database, Tags, Alarms, ….
    • Build Graphics, Download Software, start nodes remotely.
  • 2002 technology.
  • Designed for the Web.

BroadWin Technology Inc.

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