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WebAccess HMI & SCADA software Product Overview

WebAccess HMI & SCADA software Product Overview. What Is WebAccess Software?. Web Browser-based HMI and SCADA software For: Industrial Control Manufacturing Building Automation Facilities Automation. HMI  H uman M achine I nterface.

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WebAccess HMI & SCADA software Product Overview

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  1. WebAccessHMI & SCADA softwareProduct Overview

  2. What Is WebAccess Software? • Web Browser-based • HMI and SCADA software • For: • Industrial Control • Manufacturing • Building Automation • Facilities Automation HMI Human Machine Interface SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

  3. Industry Applications • Building Automation • HVAC • Lighting • Security • Facilities • Telecom & Data Centers • Transportation / Traffic • Safety Systems • Industrial & Manufacturing Automation • Energy & Power • Oil & Gas • Petroleum & Chemicals • Paper, Glass & Fibers • Semiconductor • Water & Wastewater

  4. What makes WebAccess unique? • The first completely web browser-based HMI \ SCADA software • View and Control • using an ordinary Web browser • Engineer and support systems remotely • using an ordinary web browser • Engineering Tool is independent of software version installed at customers’ site. • Engineers & technicians always have the right version of software needed. • Designed for the “web” using web-based technology • Not a “patch” to legacy software

  5. Web Browser HMI & SCADA • View and Control • Automation equipment. • PLCs, Controllers, RTUs, IO • In real-time • Using an ordinary web browser • Internet explorer 6, 7 & 8 • Animated graphics • Rotate, color change, motion, video … • Trends, data logging, reports • Alarms, alarm emails … • Scheduler & more…

  6. What makes WebAccess unique? • Web browser based Engineering! • Build Graphics (DRAW). • Configure Tags, Alarms, Recipes, Schedules and databases. • Download, Start and Stop Nodes. • Using Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 • Remotely support customers • Reduce trips to field. • Faster customer response. • Reduce startup and down time. • Engineering Tool is independent of software version installed at customers’ site. • Engineers & technicians always have the right version of software needed.

  7. What makes WebAccess unique? • Ordinary Web Server • Microsoft IIS • standard option in Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP Professional, Vista Business & Ultimate . • Redundant SCADA node • standard feature. • Redundant Communication Ports • Standard feature. • Dependent on device driver protocol. • A “true” Thin Client • Any web browser including Windows CE pocket PCs and iPhones.

  8. What makes WebAccess unique? • Vector based Graphics • Build at any resolution • View at any resolution • Auto fit within browser client • Smaller file sizes than bitmaps • Import AutoCAD DXF files • Fully Edit (fill, color, group) and fully animate. • Floor plans, equipment drawings, P&Ids. • Import Gif, Bitmap, Jpeg, icons, Flash. • Animate for size, position, frames. • One set of graphics for both web & local displays • No conversion of graphics required.

  9. What makes WebAccess unique? TAG • Object oriented “tag” database • Parameters • A database template • Guides novice users with pre-defined addressing for all device drivers. • Blocks • PID, VAV and other controllers. • Setpoint, Measurement, Output, AM, tuning parameters, grouped into one tag. • Reduces time to build database • Block Detail Display reduces display building. Allows one display to view hundreds of the same Block Type. • Alarms standard feature of all tags • No separate alarm tags needed. • High-High, High, Low, Low-Low, Rate-of-Change, High Deviation, Low Deviation and State alarms. Tag Name Parameters Address Bit Length Conversion Scaling Eng. Units Description More…..

  10. What makes WebAccess unique? • Database driven, fill-in-the-blanks menus • No HTML, ASP or other programming required • Enables the average user to implement and maintain a small or large scale control system using built in networking tools.

  11. Traditional HMI and SCADA • Traditional not designed for the Web • Limited or no remote database configuration • Limited or no graphics building via web browser. • Limited function Web Client. • Proprietary web servers and browsers • 1980’s technology. • locked into legacy software. • Web is a “patch” onto system. • Up to 25 separate packages (a software Suite) plus 3rd Party applications. • Software versions requires cataloging, tracking and repurchase” of engineering tool(s). • Example: • Intellution / GE, Wonderware/Foxboro, Johnson, Siemens, Citec, Iconics….

  12. Fully Scale-able Web Application • Networks. • Multiple clients and SCADA nodes. • WebAccess can aggregate multiple facilities into one system using TCP/IP. • Mix Windows XP, 2000, 2003 with CE • Single Machine Interface • Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and CE

  13. Fully Scale-able Web Application • Standalone single HMI • Remote support • Via dial-up, intranet or Internet • Remote monitoring • by managers, engineering, accounting. • After-hours, Emergency or Swing Shift

  14. True Internet Connectivity • Clients are ordinaryWeb Browsers • MicrosoftInternet Explorer 6.0 • Unofficially Netscape 6.1 • Desktops, Laptops • Handhelds • Pocket PC, PDAs • Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, CE • Full Animation in Clients • Clients are Engineering Stations too!

  15. True Internet Connectivity • Unlimited concurrent clients • Limited only by sales / marketing • No Client License Fees for large systems! • Automatic Download of Plug-in if needed • No Plug-in required for Thin Client

  16. Multi-Layer Internet Security • Microsoft IIS security • Windows Integrated Security • VPN (Virtual Private Networks) • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates • Beyond ordinary Web Server security • Web Access adds additional security to connect • User name and Log-in • To view a display. • To Change a value. • 32 “Areas of Responsibility” . • User must be assigned to same Area the tag is assigned. • 127 Password Levels, User must also have a password “Level” that matches or exceeds that assigned to the tag.

  17. True Internet Connectivity • T1, DSL, ADSL, ISDN, 56K, 33.6K • Access with IP address, computer name or URL. • Pass through Dynamic IP • Private IP • with ICS or NAT • Port Mapping • Firewalls • Wireless Ethernet

  18. Complete SCADA solution • Alarm Handling Package • Complete, “Out-of-the-box” • Alarm Summary Display • Sort and filter by Priority, Time, Location • Global Alarms • See and Acknowledge alarms from all SCADA nodes • Email and Pager notification of Alarms • Email alarm acknowledgement • PDA and Pocket PC view and acknowledge alarms • Alarm Log • Printer, hard drive and central database. • Disable alarms by Groups • Fast response Alarm Graphic, and more…

  19. Complete SCADA Solution • Trending & data logging • Historical Data • 12 tags on one graph • Add /change tags without loosing data • Scroll by second, hour, day, month • Change scale (zoom) • X-Y plot and time based • HTML report (copy and paste data to EXCEL, etc.) • Local recording to hard drive • Centralized recording to single DB for all SCADA nodes

  20. Complete SCADA Solution • Scheduled Reports • Shift, Daily and Monthly reports generated automatically • View current and previous reports in Web Browser • HTML report (copy and paste data to EXCEL, etc.) • Email reports in HTML format

  21. Complete SCADA Solution • Scheduler • Calendar, time of day, day of week and holiday schedules • Analog, discrete and text values • Temperature, lighting & equipment control • Schedule email recipients for alarms

  22. Complete SCADA Solution • Integrated Video and Audio • Video in graphic Display with pushbuttons, trends etc. • Scripts to animate or rotate between cameras • IP enabled cameras • Security • Traffic and transportation • View and hear equipment startup • Windows media supported

  23. Customers – Local & International SRI – Stanford Research Institute Menlo Park, CA Water Controls Shanghai, China Mori Building Largest in Japan University of California Berkeley Campus Ten WebAccess nodes monitor & control 60 campus buildings INTEL 5 facilities including 2 FAB California, USA PPG Fiberglass 5 locations in China

  24. Customer – Local

  25. Projects: USA

  26. International Customers • Multiple language versions • English • French • Japanese • Korean • Simplified Chinese • Traditional Chinese • Localization design • Just fill in a column in Excel for translation • easily add a new languages to WebAccess

  27. Complete Facilities Automation SCADAmore than an HMI Integral Building Automation functions • Scheduler • Alarm Notification by phone, pager, email, etc. • Security Video and Audio • Replaces 3rd Party software : cost, reliability, ease of use • Adds BA functionality to traditional automation IO Leading Edge Internet technology • Access with web browsers • Remote Engineering & Technical Support. • Direct access by accounting for more accurate energy usage / time of day invoicing • Web browser access is current trend in BA industry Turn Facilities Automation into Energy Management • Aggregate multiple facilities into a single system • Improved electrical rates: load shedding, peak shaving, etc.

  28. Review What makes WebAccess unique? • Ordinary Web Browser • to View and Control with full animation. • Ordinary Web Server. • A “true” Thin Client. • Redundant SCADA node. • Redundant Communication Ports. • Designed for the Web. • Web browser based Engineering! • Remotely support customers. • Engineering Tool is independent of software version installed at customers’ site. • Engineers & technicians always have the right version of software needed.

  29. Completely Browser-based HMI • All operations performed over the Internet (or intranet) using a web browser. • Real-time data for operators and managers. • Monitor, control, acknowledge alarms, download recipes, change setpoints, start and stop equipment… • Remote support by engineers and technicians. • All engineering, configuration, programming, and technical support using an ordinary web browser. • Real-time data + remote support = the first “completely” web browser-based HMI. • The competition offers only half a solution.

  30. Contact Info: BroadWin Technology Inc. 380 Fairview WayMilpitas, CA 95035 USAEmail: support@broadwin.comTelephone: (408) 457-9281Fax: (408) 457-9285www.BroadWin.comTom Carter – Product ManagerFrank Lin - President

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