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WebQuest: The History of Technology

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WebQuest: The History of Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WebQuest: The History of Technology. By: Danielle Meyer EDU 505. http://library.thinkquest.org/4132/wheel.jpg. Introduction. http://www.sepco-solarlighting.com/Portals/112667/images/first-light-bulb.jpg.

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webquest the history of technology

WebQuest: The History of Technology

By: Danielle Meyer

EDU 505




The history of technology has different time periods that each contributed significant inventions to society. The Stone, Bronze, Iron, Agricultural, Industrial, and Informational Age all played a large role.

Throughout this Webquest each group will be exploring an invention that took place during the Industrial Age. Each invention will be looked at in depth. After information has been collected each group will share their findings with the rest of the class in collaboration. As a result, each student will have a collection of inventions from the Industrial Age.



Each group will be assigned an invention; each group will have a different one. Each group member will contribute equal work to the assignment and will be prepared to share their findings to the class.

task cont
Task Cont.
  • Groups will be assigned one of the following inventions:
  • Spinning Jenny
  • Seed Drill
  • Flying Shuttle
  • Power Loom
  • Cotton Gin
  • Steam Engine
  • Steam Boat
  • The Light Bulb
  • Typewriter
  • Water Frame
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Telegraph
  • Spinning Mule
  • Telephone
  • Airplane
  • Battery
  • Telephone

The teacher will assign each predetermined group their invention. Each member of the group will work together to complete all the required information regarding their invention. It is the groups responsibility that all information be complete and each member stay focused and on task, as a team.

process cont
Process Cont.

The following information will be conducted for each invention.

Name of the invention.

When was it invented?

Who invented it?

Where was it invented?

What need or want of society did this invention satisfy?

What materials was it made of?

What other inventions took place around the same time?

Each group is to come up with two other questions that they want to learn about their invention. Along with this each group will include at least two images and one fun fact about their invention.


Each group must use at least two sources other than the Internet.

These sources can include but are not limited to:

Class Notes



Groups are to use more than two Internet sources.

resources cont
Resources Cont.

Here are a few Internet websites to get each group started. Please remember to have fun during this adventure and good luck!

The Industrial Revolution

Inventors & Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Age Inventions that Changed the World


Cotton Times Understanding the Industrial Revolution

Inventors and Inventions of the Nineteenth Century

Inventions and Technology of the 19th Century

Famous Inventions that Changed the World




  • Required information is presented in either a poster, PowerPoint, Prezi, or other creative organized manner.
  • There are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Each question and requirement is completed and well done.
  • All information is accurately cited and the correct type of sources are used.
  • The presentation is engaging, well presented to the class, and any questions are answered.
  • Each group member will complete a member evaluation that anonymously evaluates the contributions of each member.
  • Both the group and individual grade will be out of 100 points.



You have successfully completed the Industrial Age inventions Webquest!

I hope you and the rest of the class are now better versed on these important inventions that have helped our society. Feel free to explore the other ages that have contributed various inventions! These inventions have helped meet human needs and wants and are the building blocks for future inventions.