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Scientific and Technical Information System

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Scientific and Technical Information System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scientific and Technical Information System. [SIST] Support the planning and development of information and communication systems for education and research institutions A project from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Priority Solidarity Fund Joël Sor - Cirad

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scientific and technical information system

Scientific and Technical Information System


Support the planning and development of information and communication systems for education and research institutionsA project from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Priority Solidarity Fund

Joël Sor - Cirad

starting point research in the south
Starting point : Research in the south

One statement : African Research is extremely low in the international scientific field

0,4 % of the web content

(0,02% without RSA)

Analyses from Roland Waast (IRD)

“Science condition in Africa”

starting point poorness of access to sti
Starting point : Poorness of access to STI
  • An increasing marginalization of southern research on international visibility(0,7 % of worldwide publications).
  • Productions of its teams remain too thinly spread
starting point a lack of communication
Starting point : A lack of communication
  • Worldwide renown researcher teams exist ...
  • … but they really are lacking of appropriate meansThis situation is one of the major constraint to sustainable development in Africa.
sist objectives
SIST Objectives

3 years, 3 M €, 12 countries

  • Improve and share knowledge and experiences
  • Promote existing and ongoing results
  • Build regional research networks
  • Introduce African research in international networks.
  • Contribute to the reduction of the digital and technological divide (NEPAD priority)
  • Part of the French contribution to the WSIS


  • Fast implementation
  • Operational, simple and pragmatique device (bandwidth)
  • Technical, functional and financial autonomy of countries after the project
  • A geometrically variable structure that is transferable to the rest of African countries
2004 actions
2004 Actions
  • Official launching meeting in March
  • Project Website :
  • 4 regional sensitization-training workshop (AUF)
  • Project Scientific Committee
  • CODC in 8 countries
  • Technical National Partner in 7 countries
  • Country studies in 8 countries (network)
  • Partnerships (Cirad, FAO, AUF, IRD, INASP, AAB…)
2005 actions
2005 Actions
  • SIST platform V1 available
  • Access to partners databases (FAO, CIRAD, WHO, INASP, AUF, CNRS …)
  • 3 pilots sites : Algeria, Ghana and Madagascar
  • Sensitization and training
  • Access to STI from African countries
  • WSIS participation
  • Steering Committee
  • Platform installed in every participating country

3 – Technical composition of

the device





Size of SIST Website

Decision-Making Committee

National SIST Website


Changes in SIST Websites

Computer Scientists


Diverse Websites











  • a modular device in layers
  • totally open
  • usable for other functions
  • outside the SIST context

Variable Elements

Elements of Free Software

Elements added by SIST to the free Software

Technical limits
    • Network available in each country
    • main server hosted by Cirad (FR)
  • Financial
    • Agreement with commercial editors
    • Access to bandwidth

5 – Perspectives, evolutions

The main developments considered are :

  • Automated dissemination of SIST site contents to other websites ( creation of RSS lines)
  • Device for selective information dissemination (from a recorded research equation, periodic dissemination of results via the message system, via RSS lines, or via the supply of web pages on the SIST.
  • Harvesting of OAI (collection OAI metadata and exploitation via federated research module)
  • Creation of centralised directory of experts
  • Access control mechanism for sensitive database (Hinari, Agora)
  • New connectors to the federated research ( LDAP directory)
  • Improving the federated research module (post research relevant sorting, removal of “doublons”...)
  • Exportation of federated research findings under other formats (XML, Word, Excel, Endnote …)
  • Putting in place Blog and wiki tools in the collaborative work space

Contexte international

Europe Réseaux Recherche :


Amériquedont Internet 2AsiePacifique

Internet :SFINX (peering)


AmériqueLatine :

Corée : TEIN puis TEIN-2

Bassin Méditerranéen:


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