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Algebra End-of-Course Assessment PowerPoint Presentation
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Algebra End-of-Course Assessment

Algebra End-of-Course Assessment

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Algebra End-of-Course Assessment

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  1. Algebra End-of-Course Assessment December 13 & 14, 2012 - Retakes May 2013 – First time takers/Retakes

  2. Tests knowledge gained in Algebra 1 class • Required for graduation What is the Algebra ECA?

  3. Algebra I ECA is given at the completion of Algebra I   • First time takers – May • Retakes – December and/or May  When Will the Test Be Given?

  4. 54 problems total • Consists of two sessions over 2 days • Session 1 with calculator • Session 2 without calculator • Each session consists of 27 problems • 55 minute time limit to complete each session • Administered on computer What Does the Exam Look Like?

  5. Onequestion will appear per screen • Students should skip a question if they don't know how to answer it right away.  • Students may also "bookmark" questions so they are reminded to revisit the question.   • Once a student has reached the end of the exam he/she will see a list of all questions.  • The question will either say "answered" or "unanswered".  • All bookmarked questions will also be indicated. • From this list students may revisit any question on the exam.  What Does the Exam Look Like?

  6. What is Tested?

  7. The Algebra 1 ECA has four different items types for presenting problems. What is the Format of the Test?

  8. Multiple-choice – • Answer to the question can be found in one of four answer choices provided • Numeric response – • Answer to the question is a number response that must be typed in the text box • Only numbers will be allowed, no variables • Short answer– • Answer to the question is a single expression or equation that must be typed in the text field • Extended response – • Answer to the question is a graph or a written explanation that must be typed in the space provided • Students should explain their answer in full detail since partial credit may be awarded. What Types of Questions Are Asked?

  9. Sample Multiple Choice

  10. Sample Graphing

  11. Javier purchases 1 apple (a) and 2 bananas (b) for $2.75. Crystal purchases 2 apples (a) and 1 banana (b) for $2.50. • Write a system of equations that could be used to find the cost of the apple (a) and the banana (b). • Find the cost of the apple. Reporting Category 3: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Standard 5: Pairs of Linear Equations and Inequalities Sample Constructed Response

  12. The scaled score range for the Algebra 1 ECA is What is Needed to Pass?

  13. Difficult to predict • You get a higher scaled score for correctly answering more of the difficult questions How Many Questions Do I Need to Get Right to Pass?

  14. Aligned curriculum to the ECA; teach to Indiana Academic Standards • Giving extra support through Algebra Enrichment • Acuity – additional resource used to track student progress and make data-driven decisions • Remediation Sessions: after school help sessions • Practice Resources • USA Test Prep: • High Achiever: What is SN Doing to Prepare Students for the ECA?

  15. Online assessment program that is offered by the Indiana Department of Education • Designed to help monitor and assess student skill strengths and weaknesses in the standards • Results help guide classroom instruction and identify areas of remediation for students • Learning tool for students in an effort to help student pass state-wide testing End-of-Course Assessments (ECA) • SN will be testing on: Acuity Testing

  16. Attend school Algebra 1 class regularly • Come prepared to class • Take good notes in class • Complete homework assignments • Ask questions during class and/or before/after school • Study outside of class • Review previous sections of their textbook • Practice LOTS of problems! • Attend the ECA Prep Sessions • Use USA Test Prep outside of class • Do their best on the Acuity tests • Be here for ECA testing days!! What Can My Child Do To Prepare?

  17. Check Harmony often, check on students progress • Make sure your student is doing their homework • Encourage them to seek help, ask questions • Encourage them to attend ECA prep sessions 2nd semester for first time takers. Now, for retakes! • Make sure they are eating breakfast, especially on days of the ECA test and Acuity tests. • Ask questions about what they are learning What Can I Do To Prepare My Child?

  18. Indiana Department of Education (Item samplers available here) • (released Algebra 1 ECA items from 2011) • Avon High School (Avon, IN) has an excellent ECA Resource Center Then click on Classroom Websites Click on the “+” sign next to MATH -> Then click on Algebra 1 ECA Review • Classroom teachers will be distributing ECA material closer to the date Resources