Washington s web based licensing program
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Washington’s Web Based Licensing Program. Margaret Tucker Certification & Training WA State Dept. of Agriculture. Why Make These Changes?. Need to move off 15-year old Informix database Desire to create user friendly platform that allows easy transfer of data to Internet

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Presentation Transcript
Washington s web based licensing program

Washington’s Web Based Licensing Program

Margaret Tucker

Certification & Training

WA State Dept. of Agriculture

Why make these changes
Why Make These Changes?

  • Need to move off 15-year old Informix database

  • Desire to create user friendly platform that allows easy transfer of data to Internet

    • New database resides on agency’s MS SQL Server

    • Intranet User Interface uses Web-based dot.net technology

    • Internet ready for easy customer access to licensing and recertification information

  • Goal to move away from printing, stuffing and mailing 23,000 license cards/year

Detail of changes
Detail of Changes

  • No longer issuing paper license card

  • Use of durable, basic plastic card

    • Contractor used for initial, big mailing

    • WSDA will begin issuing cards May 14

  • Card attached to 81/2” x 11” paper printout of license record

    • Includes same information as paper card

Future license updates
Future license updates

  • Licensee chooses the type of notification:

    • Mail – printout of updated record

    • Email – link to website to review license information

Information on line
Information on-line

  • Licensee & company information

  • Recertification attendance records

  • Searchable recertification course listing

  • Future ability to renew on line

Licensee information on line
Licensee Information On-line

  • Licensee name & number

  • County of residence

  • Licenses and categories held

  • Status(es) of license(s)

  • Expiration date(s) & recertification cycle(s)

  • Commercial Operators & SPIs

    • Current business status of employer

Company information on line
Company Information On-line

  • Company name, UBI, DBA’s, branches

  • Name and license information for responsible certified applicator

  • Physical, mailing and email addresses

  • Phone and fax numbers

  • Company employed Commercial Operators

    • Name, license no. & expiration dates

  • Insurance expiration dates

    • Ground, Aerial

  • Spray equipment

Benefits to licensees
Benefits to Licensees

  • Quicker access to their license updates

  • 24/7 access to their credit information

  • No longer using codes for license types and categories

  • Ability to sort courses by location, topic and language

  • Credit records updated more quickly once barcodes used to collect attendance records

Benefits to companies
Benefits to Companies

  • More ready access to all their company information

    • Easier to ensure that insurance information is up-to-date

  • Can ensure that WSDA has current employee and equipment information

    • Will help meet legal requirement to notify WSDA within 30 days of any changes

Benefits to dealers
Benefits to Dealers

  • Can easily verify that a customer holds a current license in the right category to buy Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs)

    • Avoid enforcement action because sold an RUP to an unlicensed or inadequately licensed person

Benefits to customers
Benefits to Customers

  • Can verify that a company is licensed to perform pest control

    • Won’t hire unlicensed company

  • Will be able to sort companies by location and type of pest control performed

Benefits to wsda
Benefits to WSDA

  • Will improve efficiency because licensees can find their own information on-line

    • Better customer service for harder to solve problems

  • Will reduce incidences of fraud

    • No forged paper license cards

    • Employers can verify that employees not licensed

General benefits
General Benefits

  • Licensees gain greater familiarity with WSDA website

  • WSDA can use website more effectively to keep licensees up-to-date on pesticide related issues

    • Fact sheets

    • Newsletters

    • Breaking news regarding problem areas

Implementation timeline
Implementation Timeline

  • Began issuing plastic1/8/2007license card via contractor

  • Internet application on-line2/1/2007

  • Ability to search:Summer 2007

    • courses by certain criteria

    • credit status

  • Using barcodes to collectFall 2007course attendance records

  • Ability for licensees to:In the Future

    • Renew on line

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