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Jennifer Ahrens, Doug Danzeiser and Dianne Longley Texas Department of Insurance Life, Health & Licensing Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Jennifer Ahrens, Doug Danzeiser and Dianne Longley Texas Department of Insurance Life, Health & Licensing Program

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Jennifer Ahrens, Doug Danzeiser and Dianne Longley Texas Department of Insurance Life, Health & Licensing Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Texas Department of Insurance Texas Association of Health Plans Conference Jennifer Ahrens, Doug Danzeiser and Dianne Longley Texas Department of Insurance Life, Health & Licensing Program Jennifer Ahrens Senior Associate Commissioner Life, Health & Licensing Program

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Presentation Transcript

Texas Department of Insurance

Texas Association of Health Plans Conference

Jennifer Ahrens,

Doug Danzeiser and

Dianne Longley

Texas Department of Insurance

Life, Health & Licensing Program

jennifer ahrens

Jennifer Ahrens

Senior Associate Commissioner

Life, Health & Licensing Program

80th texas legislature trends for insurance
80th Texas LegislatureTrends for Insurance




provider ombudsman
Provider Ombudsman
  • Part of prompt pay efforts
  • Transferred from Consumer Protection to Life, Health & Licensing in November 2006
provider ombudsman cont
Provider Ombudsman (Cont.)
  • Consumer Protection continues to handle individual provider complaints
  • Provider Ombudsman monitors complaint trends among carriers and across issues
  • Collects and analyzes quarterly prompt pay data from carriers
  • Conducts quarterly and ad hoc TACCP meetings
  • Facilitates report development and recommendations to the legislature from the TACCP
prompt pay new underpayment calculation sb 1884 effective september 1 2007
Prompt Pay:New Underpayment CalculationSB 1884 – Effective September 1, 2007

Paid on or before the 45th day after the end of the applicable statutory claim period:

  • Billed charges = $1,500
  • Amount of contracted rate = $1,000
  • Patient’s cost share = 0
  • Amount paid timely = $800
  • Amount underpaid on contracted rate = $200
  • $200 / $1,000 (= 20%) X $1,500 =
  • $300 (the “underpaid amount”)
  • Multiply by 50%
  • $150 = penalty payment
recent enforcement actions
Recent Enforcement Actions
  • Silent PPOs
    • Recent Order - $15,000 Fine
    • Violation of TIC §1301.056 and §542
recent enforcement actions cont
Recent Enforcement Actions(Cont.)
  • Medicare Supplement Marketing
    • Two Orders Against Company
      • First $95,000 for failure to have required procedures regarding marketing
      • Second $95,000 holding carrier responsible for acts of agents
      • Four orders entered against carrier’s subagents
recent enforcement actions cont9
Recent Enforcement Actions(Cont.)
  • Prompt Pay
    • A number of cases
    • Recent order
      • $45,000 Fine - failure to timely and accurately process and pay particular type of claim
recent enforcement actions cont10
Recent Enforcement Actions(Cont.)
  • Health Reinsurance System
    • Recent Order
      • $150,000 (carrier and TPA jointly)
      • Improper submission of lives to the THRS
      • Prompt pay violations
recent enforcement actions cont11
Recent Enforcement Actions(Cont.)
  • Unauthorized Insurance
    • Recent Proposal for Decision
      • Agent - $1,000,000 proposed fine for unauthorized stop loss insurance
    • Recent Criminal Sentencing
      • Agent – 27 year federal sentence for unauthorized health insurance
sunset review
Sunset Review
  • Review in 2007 to 2009
  • Sunset will seek stakeholder input
  • Self Evaluation Report
    • (
  • Sunset Resource Page
    • (
healthy texas
Healthy Texas
  • Part of SB 10
  • Directs the Department to:
    • Analyze the underserved segments of the small group market
    • Propose a program that would offer health coverage to eligible people
  • Report to the legislature November 1, 2008
dianne longley

Dianne Longley

Director of Special Projects

Life, Health & Licensing Program

sb 10 medicaid reform and health care benefit programs
SB 10 – Medicaid Reform and Health Care Benefit Programs

Note: Though authorized by the Texas Legislature, some provisions are dependent on approval from CMS

  • Expands coverage of the uninsured through a non-Medicaid program; could include purchase of an insured benefit plan
  • Creates Texas Health Opportunity Pool (HOP) trust fund to provide coverage/premium assistance to uninsured and funding for uncompensated care providers; includes requirement that TDI and HHSC develop premium assistance program for low-income persons
  • Requires Medicaid HMO contracts to include performance incentives
sb 10 cont
SB 10 (Cont.)
  • Encourages Medicaid HMOs to provide non-traditional value- added services designed to improve health of enrollees
  • Expands assistance to enable Medicaid recipients to enroll in private group health plans
  • Authorizes small employers and counties to create regional health plans to provide affordable health insurance coverage
  • Requires TDI and HHSC to study and recommend options for creation of a small employer premium assistance program; requires report to Legislature by 11-1-08
sb 10 cont17
SB 10 (Cont.)
  • Creates the health and long term care insurance incentive committee to study health insurance/LTC markets and recommend options for expanding coverage
    • TDI serves on Committee
    • Must look at premiums, administrative costs, development of reinsurance system for claims exceeding $50.000, premium subsidies, inclusion of dependents regardless of age, use of health care technology to save money.
sb 1731 consumer access to health care information
SB 1731 – Consumer Access to Health Care Information
  • HHSC must collect and provide information regarding facility pricing practices
  • Establishes pricing requirements for physician and facility billing practices
    • Disclosure
    • Cost estimates
    • Itemized statements
    • Refunds
  • Requires creation of Consumer Guide to Health Care, posting on HHSC and Texas Medical Board websites
sb 1731 insurance provisions
SB 1731 – Insurance Provisions
  • Requires TDI to collect health benefit plan reimbursement rates; info must be published on Dept. of State Health Services website and may also be published on TDI website
    • TDI staff is working with stakeholders (including TAHP members) to develop reporting requirements
    • Draft rule will be published for comment this fall; adoption target date is December 31, 2007


sb 1731 insurance provisions cont
SB 1731 – Insurance Provisions(Cont.)
  • Requires TDI to collect and publish HMO and PPO data regarding enrollee satisfaction, quality of care, premium costs and increases, plan benefits, claims payment, and network adequacy
    • TDI staff is working with stakeholders to determine what data to collect to meet statutory requirements
    • Draft rule will be published for comment early next year; adoption target date is early spring
sb 1731 insurance provisions cont21
SB 1731 – Insurance Provisions(Cont.)
  • Requires TDI to work with advisory committee to study network adequacy; rules required to collect necessary data
    • TDI has solicited nominations for advisory committee and expects to finalize appointments within the next week
  • Upon request, requires health plans/HMOs to provide a prospective estimate of payments for medical services and information on whether proposed services are covered
  • Requires health plans/HMOs and facility-based physicians providing out-of-network services to provide notice of balance billing to enrollees and patients
hb 1 three share grant program
HB 1 – Three Share Grant Program
  • Rider in Appropriation bill requires TDI to establish a three-share grant program
  • Funds up to $300,000 in grants in FY 2008 and $450,000 in FY 2009 to award grants to local government entities for research, planning and development of 3-share premium assistance programs
  • TDI currently drafting grant requirements and hopes to post application by end of year
doug danzeiser

Doug Danzeiser

Deputy Commissioner for Regulatory Matters

Life, Health & Licensing Program


HB 472

Regulation of TPAs, including workers’ compensation administrators. Prohibits compensation based upon savings from adverse claim decisions


HB 522

Requires TDI to adopt standards for health plan ID cards and electronic exchange of insurance information


HB 1594

Provides for expedited credentialing and in-network payment of physicians joining established, contracted medical groups


HB 1847

Permits non-insurance benefits and related services for accident, health, life, and long-term care insurance


HB 2015

Reporting of claim information under certain group health plans; providing administrative penalties


HB 2251

Regulates webpage advertising and amends other advertising provisions


SB 1255

The powers and duties of certain small and large employer health cooperatives


Helpful Resources

  • TDI Website:

  • LHL Main Line:


  • Life/Health Division:

  • Health & Workers’ Compensation Network Certification and Quality Assurance Division

  • The Texas Health Options Website:

  • TDI Proposed/Adopted Rules:

  • Texas Legislature Website: