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The Maassai Tribe PowerPoint Presentation
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The Maassai Tribe

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The Maassai Tribe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Maassai Tribe

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  1. The Maassai Tribe Autor: RaduMadalina clasa a IX-a A

  2. Hy there everyone! My name is Tikilumand I make part from Maassai Tribe and today I will present you the rituals from my village Guanatu, in the estate of Kenia.Now I am a old man, but I past thru a lot of stages in my life and I will present you them step by step

  3. Firstly, I will tell you a few things about us. We believe in ,,Ngai”, the god of the rain and we speak ,,Nilot” language, called and ,,maa” language. The women, after they get married and have children, they become very respected and are called after their child’s name. The women have the hair short, and they never eat at the same table with the warriors.The man can marry with many women.

  4. Now I begin with the ritual.Until the age of 6, the goirls and the boys are growing up together with their mothers. Then the boys join the men,and the girls remain under the mother’s supervision.In this moment they receive presents.

  5. I received lambs,calfs and sticks as sign for my future occupation.The girls learn how to sew and to milk.Beeing at the age of the first presents.The girls receive bracelets and necklaces made from pearls.

  6. After I had the circumcision, I could consider myself a man because right after it I was received in the warriors’s village, to become myself a warrior.This ritual reunite hundred of future warriors.Here we had to bring animals.

  7. The festivitation proceed around a special village built by the women from clay, straw, branches and cow dung because in these houses I lived with the anothers warriors a few years, at distance from al the community.

  8. When the girls become majors, they marry with a man around the age of 30.

  9. After I past the years of Initiation, I had comebacked to the civile life and I had to take care of the animals

  10. After the years I have been a warrior(10-15 years) it had camed the time to past from senior to junior.

  11. In the first when day I saw my familly, I weared feather of peacock

  12. In the 4th day I was blessed and I said a speech with usefull advice. Then I was sprinkled with milk .After that I was painted on my face and my body with marks.The ritual ends with the sprinkle of the seniors with a kind of beer made from honey.Then all join the big party

  13. These were the stages I’ve been thru.I hope you enjoied.See you next time. Theend