the tequesta tribe l.
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The Tequesta Tribe

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The Tequesta Tribe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Tequesta Tribe. DEMETRIONA and MICHAEL. Where the Tequesta Lived…. The Tequesta were a nice tribe located at the mouth of the Miami River in south Florida. How they lived….

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the tequesta tribe

The Tequesta Tribe


where the tequesta lived
Where the Tequesta Lived…

The Tequesta were a nice tribe located at the mouth of the Miami River in south Florida.

how they lived
How they lived…

They were like all other tribes. They caught sharks, sea cows (manatee) and sailfish. They also ate berries, nuts, shellfish, oysters and turtle eggs. Manatees were a very great dish so the chief’s could only eat them and they used simple tools.

what happened when the europeans came
What happened when the Europeans came
  • They gave them gifts like cloth, drinking cups and knifes.
what happened to them
What happened to them…
  • The Tequesta numbered about 800 but died out by slavery and battles.
internet source
Internet Source