case study the roi of sip trunking l.
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Case Study: The ROI of SIP Trunking PowerPoint Presentation
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Case Study: The ROI of SIP Trunking

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Case Study: The ROI of SIP Trunking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Case Study: The ROI of SIP Trunking. Date: Tuesday 2/3, 8:30-10:00am Track: SIP-05 –SIP Trunking Room: B114 / B115. Agenda. Case Study: ROI of SIP Trunking  8:30am     Introduction  8:35am     Kool Smiles          8:55am         9:15am     InGate Systems

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Case Study: The ROI of SIP Trunking

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case study the roi of sip trunking

Case Study: The ROI of SIP Trunking

Date: Tuesday 2/3, 8:30-10:00am

Track: SIP-05 –SIP Trunking

Room: B114 / B115


Case Study: ROI of SIP Trunking

 8:30am     Introduction

 8:35am     Kool Smiles        


 9:15am     InGate Systems

 9:35am     Q&A       

who is kool smiles pc
Who is Kool Smiles PC?
  • Kool Smiles PC is a network of local dental offices with a mission to expand access to high quality dental care to underserved children and young adults
    • Achieved significant ROI and payback in 12 months with a 40% reduction in recurring telephony costs
    • Accomplished through an IP-PBX upgrade and a SIP trunking deployment with InGate Systems and throughout all offices and the centralized call center
  • What is SIP Trunking?
    • SIP lines are JUST LIKE T1 lines or POTs lines to the end-user… except better !
      • They use the VoIP Protocol and are provided by an ITSP instead of a LEC
      • You don’t have to buy them in chunks of 23 channels anymore 
      • They don’t have the same cost structure or geographic restrictions as legacy telephony
kool smiles environment before sip
Kool Smiles Environment before SIP
  • Kool Smiles in late 2007…
    • Growing company
    • Old style TDM PBX from 3COM fully deployed but lacking features of the newer IP PBX systems
        • No global address book and distribution lists
        • No fully redundant configurations : 5-9s of reliability
        • No unified messaging or hot desking
        • No centralized management
    • Telecommunications costs escalating and taking on a bigger percentage of the IT OpEx budget
      • POTs lines at the locations….
      • T1s and long distance in the call center…
    • IT Budget constraints and headcount pressure starting in 2008
the sip solution to multiple problems
The SIP Solution to Multiple Problems

We needed a solution for less headcount, more PBX functionality and less cost ! ? !

Enter SIP Trunking… Just like a phone line, but 40%-60% less !

  • Upgrade proposal to Executive Management
    • Evaluate offerings from Phone Equipment vendors
    • Evaluate offerings from ITSP vendors and ongoing cost savings
    • Purchase new Enterprise phone system centralized components and phone lines
    • Create connectivity between the new system and existing NBX platform
    • Stage each location to be trained and migrated to the new system
    • Port phone numbers and consolidate/eliminate un-needed circuits
  • Benefits
    • 40-60% per year voice telecom cost savings (reduced costs and reduced lines)
    • Reduced downtime
    • Eliminate scalability concerns (10,000+ users)
    • Feature rich enterprise phone system – better communications
    • Lower administrative costs – reduce IT headcount
the partner search
The Partner Search…
  • Categories to rate vendor solutions
    • Existing customer base with similar deployments and good references
    • Unified messaging, find me - follow me, teleworker, ease of use
    • Reliability, high availability, scalability (10,000+ users)
    • Centralized management, SIP interoperability, standards and security
    • Re-use of existing equipment, capex requirements, install complexity
    • Business disruption risk
  • Equipment and ITSP service interoperability and security was a key concern
    • The SIP Trunk solution required some middleware to accomplish all the signaling and security that we needed
    • InGate systems fit perfectly because of their partnership with our preferred IP PBX Vendor and preferred SIP trunking provider
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Porting existing phone numbers
    • Make sure your account is in good standing and completely paid up before issuing any port requests
    • Notify the losing LEC that the number will be porting and authorize it
    • Be extra careful if you are moving numbers from a non-facilities based LEC
  • Check your existing telecom contracts for terms and auto-renewal language
  • Having QoS on your data network will greatly decrease the probability of voice quality problems
  • Having robust bandwidth in between your IP PBX and the SIP trunking ITSP will also decrease the probability of voice quality problems
  • G.729 Codec should be used because of the decreased bandwidth requirements
  • Plan out your E911 capabilities and test calls to the public safety providers to test the ANI/ALI delivery is correct for each location
  • Select equipment and services providers that have a proven track record and can provide good reference accounts and great customer service
    • 5,000,000+ calls since 2/2008 with very few issues