mannerism and baroque n.
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Mannerism and Baroque

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Mannerism and Baroque - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mannerism and Baroque. By : Alejandro Zuluaga Juan Jose Pelaez Juan David Haddad. Mannerism. Mannerism is a style of art that occurred in Italy and Spain. Mannerism did not fit the renaissance style.

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mannerism and baroque

Mannerism and Baroque

By: Alejandro Zuluaga

Juan JosePelaez

Juan DavidHaddad

  • Mannerism is a style of art that occurred in Italy and Spain.
  • Mannerism did not fit the renaissance style.
  • The primary characteristic of renaissance was Naturalism, and in mannerism paints there is no such thing as this characteristic.
  • Mannerism makes itself known by elongated proportions, highly stylized poses, and lack of clear perspective.
examples of mannerism
Examples of Mannerism

This painting is the Ignudo made by Michelangelo

This painting is the Entombment made by Pontormo

This painting is Madonna with the Long Neck made by Parmigianino

  • Baroque is as style of art that occurred in France, Italy, Spain, and Flanders.
  • The Baroque is a style of art that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, literature, dance, and music.
  • The Baroque style was encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church.
  • It was used in the fight of Martin Luther in the Protestant Reformation
examples of baroque
Examples of Baroque

This painting is the Adoration made by Peter Paul Rubens

This painting is the Aeneas´ Flight from Troy made by Federico Barocci

This painting is the Still-life made by Josefa Obidos