Dark horse the definitive lyrics of the songs from the album
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DARK HORSE …the definitive lyrics of the songs from the album…. By: Mohammed L. Saavedra. Foreword. This presentation is made to keep the definitive lyrics of the songs intended for the compilation named DARK HORSE.

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Dark horse the definitive lyrics of the songs from the album
DARK HORSE …the definitive lyrics of the songs from the album…

By: Mohammed L. Saavedra


  • This presentation is made to keep the definitive lyrics of the songs intended for the compilation named DARK HORSE.

  • The basic chord structure / progression is presented on the next immediate slide after each lyric sheets.

  • Rough draft sample in music video [on a separate music file] done played on Noel Lumanog 6-strings nylon guitar using JVC HD Camcorder (playable on Nero Showtime).

  • Short commentary for each song added for additional references.

Song titles duration
Song Titles / Duration

  • Oriental Pearl 3:27m

  • Dark Horse 3:04m

  • Jumeirah Jane 2:59m

  • Sunburst 2:23m

  • Tranquil Train 3:34m

  • Folded Sleeves 3:00m

  • Cosmic Rainbow 4:31m

  • Against The Setting Sun 3:29m

Oriental pearl
Oriental Pearl

Escape from the clutches / of this monstrous poverty. Rise above the ashes / only way to dignity.

- Islands of oriental pearl / Seven thousand splinter. Tropical Pacific / the first asian republic.

- Minerals from the mountain / outburst of its fountain. Winding rivers flow / wash away the sins below.

Our very own---Luzon Visayas Mindanao…

We stand alone---Luzon Visayas Mindanao…

Our native home---Luzon Visayas Mindanao…

  • Balding hills and forest / perils of flood at rest. When mother nature calls / too late for the waterfalls.

    Awaken from slumber / work hard to prosperity. A time to remember / the fruit of our destiny.

Am em f g am c g am

Oriental Pearl is actually the English version of the “LuzViMinda” which is my other Tagalog folk rock song composed after adapting the verses from the poem Buntung-hininga (Sigh).

I prefer to have the more solid sound using acoustic steel string-guitar, and have a vibrato electric guitar solos on the instrumental solos along with the alto sax altogether.

The bass riff intro is actually the basic chord pattern where I got the tune when I started composing this version.

Dark horse
Dark Horse

Up above the sky / I wanna fly high. Floating like a majestic falcon.

Roaming Savannah / king of Africa. Walking tall and proud as a lion.

- When will the eagle soar / these hills forevermore? / when will this fantasy? The brown stallion I see.

- Dark horse victory / Dark horse victory.

Followed the tiger / to make it better. But the stripes simply fade away.

Decades of hard work / from cute tiny stork. Out comes the giant panda today.

-When will the tamaraw / earn its respectful bow? / when will this fantasy? The brown stallion I see.

-Dark horse victory / Dark horse victory.

Bb dm7 fm7 c cm7 c cm7 fm7 dm g cm7 fm7

Dark Horse is an adaptation from my short poem with a slightly long title “The Tamaraw, The Eagle and The Stallion”.

The finger plucking is done through out the whole song with the first two broken chords.

Obviously, I prefer to have it played using the 6-string nylon guitar with the flute intro, instrumental solo and fade out solos.

Jumeirah jane
Jumeirah Jane

Just a joke being told copy-cat Jumeirah Jane / slightly hurt / text reply not to see her again.

Bunch of flowers with apology / I gave at the doorway / smiling so lovely…

Just a joke being told “you are in love again” / It’s easy to say / just like the pouring rain.

Frantic moments when you are near / like vibrant colors of life / all around dear…

  • Oh wohwoh…Jumeirah Jane, Jumeirah Jane

    won’t you show me your subtle smile again.

  • Oh wohwoh…Jumeirah Jane, Jumeirah Jane

    together let’s run away fly high again.

    Just a joke being told “I will see you again” / within inside / it’s just goodbye to hide the pain.

    Dress me up in signature labels / Mingle with your high profile social circles.

Gm7 am c g am c g

  • Jumeirah Jane is a song about a fictitious character, a typical modern sophisticated lady living, loving, longing at Jumeirah, Dubai.

  • I would prefer to have this played using an acoustic steel guitar, with electric pedal string vibrato guitar riff solos.

  • And lastly a fade out second voice at the last refrain.


  • I miss you / like the sunburst behind a cloudy sky/ the nice greetings that shows your smile.

  • I miss you / like the warmth of a morning sunshine / your soft touch through my spine.

  • Sunburst…Oh sunburst…don’t shy away.

  • Sunburst…Oh sunburst…on a cloudy day.

  • I miss you / like the breeze gently on my ear / the crazy laughter / moments we share.

  • Just remember one thing / before we say goodbye…

  • When you look up to see the clouds / over the sky…

  • Think of me / a real friend / that you can rely.

Dm7 am7 gm7 am7 c m7 bm7 e am7 a7

  • Sunburst is an adaptation from one of my very old poem titled “I Miss You” remembering a friend just before I worked abroad.

  • The lyrics of the refrain is added years later when I composed the tune.

  • I always like to play around in “major 7th” guitar chords even if this is done by simply plucking in broken chords.

  • The soothing sound of flute or bamboo flute is perhaps more fitting throughout the song.

Tranquil train
Tranquil Train

  • When the world is turning in confusion / man is at the edge of desolation / a wake-up call to catch the tranquil train / before it’s too late to avoid the pain.

  • When roof over your head start crumbling down / face of your money is just a funny clown / no need to plan or even wait for the rain / the sooner the better to catch the train.

  • Tranquil Train…Tranquil Train / Piercing through the foggy fears/ riders calm within.

  • Tranquil Train…Tranquil Train / Take me I want to go / where justice is whiter than snow.

  • When food on the table taste really bland / and water shortage on the other hand / Ensure you are inside the tranquil train / before you lose your mind to roll your brain.

Am g fm7 g am g fm7 e c g f e am

  • When I was trying to finalize this song by simply strumming the basic chord pattern, I deliberately omitted the last eight lines of the poem of the same name (Tranquil Train) to come up with this song.

  • A simple finger plucking styling as an intro of the basic chord structure to pave way for a more bolder strumming later on.

  • I would always love to play this on acoustic steel guitar with the instrumental electric guitar vibrato riffs preferred. And as usual to have signature alto or baritone saxophone solos throughout the song.

Folded sleeves

  • Like a shooting star you come and go / golden memories of long ago / why does our love have to end this way ? / tragic winter sonata in May.

  • Hey, old friend do you still remember / good times we shared together ? / distance between us grown apart / even a single hello could start.

  • Folded sleeves / polyester ties / falling leaves / from tangerine skies.

  • Free your mind / leave the past behind / Oh wohwohwohwoh / oh wohwohwoh.

  • Oh, guiding shadow where are you now ? / show me the way whenever somehow / alone sailing in this cruel world / keep it steady don’t fall overboard.

  • Never stay / to your broken dreams / break away / from this hopeless schemes.

  • Hold on tight / with your guiding light / Oh wohwohwohwoh / oh wohwohwoh.

Am em f g am am g

  • Folded Sleeves was actually a poem I wrote last year entitled “Folded Sleeves / Polyester Ties” I dropped the ‘polyester ties’ to differentiate it.

  • Streamlining the song, I omitted the last six verses of the poem itself.

  • Although plucking the strings throughout the song, I decided to fast pace during the refrain.

  • Though I normally pluck this tune on nylon strings sometimes I feel like wanting to try it on steel strings for a change. And as usual with either flute or soprano sax accompaniment.

Cosmic rainbow
Cosmic Rainbow

  • I thought it was a rainstorm / this coming dusty sandstorm / chequered yellow warning / False alarm !

  • Close my eyes from worry / be myself, be happy / bending rules, broken meaning / Safe no harm !

  • Dancing cosmic rainbow / purely entertaining / keep me company / indeed a friend to me.

  • Cast away the fears / you bring me joyful tears.

  • Dancing cosmic rainbow / Cosmic rainbow.

  • I thought I was in heaven / life in a high-tech garden / relied on plastic money / All the fun !

  • Cold nights under the moonlight / floating grey clouds at daylight / behind each tragic story / a smiling sun !

  • Dazzling cosmic rainbow / fully tantalizing / images I see / always sets me free.

  • Cast away the fears / you bring me joyful tears.

  • Dancing cosmic rainbow / Cosmic Rainbow.

Gm7 dm7 am d7 g g gm f m bm

  • Cosmic Rainbow is intended for a full strumming acoustic guitar song but I had to improvise a little bit on the chorus chords.

  • As I always like to have a combination of guitar and saxophone, I prefer to have the soprano sax intro, instrumental solos and fade out at the end of the song.

  • Perhaps an electric piano jazzing along will bring out a more solid structured sound.

Against the setting sun
Against The Setting Sun

  • It’s amazing / the only love that you bring / simply the look in your eye / forever charming smile / enlighten the sky.

  • You turn me on / the day our love was born / gecko-grasping tight / you’re never out of sight / the truth that I like.

  • (Don’t you know) my life before you came along / sometimes easy, no ups or down / southbound against the setting sun.

  • So delightful / whenever you play it cool / mindgames we always play / keep us alive to stay / beat the blues away.

  • (Now my life) with you beside cruising along / sometimes easy, an endless fun / homebound against the setting sun.

Am7 dm7 bm7 e dm7 c m7 bm7 am7

  • Again this song is an adaptation from my poem titled “Along SZR” which I wrote last year, the tune is based on my very old composition Tagalog Jazz-Folk Rock song way…way back then. When we used to call our group HAPLOS (Soft Touch) along with my friends.

  • Therefore, I may aptly called this the English version of “AtingPag-ibig” (Our Love) that particular song.

  • I would like to experiment on the sound of some ethnic instruments such as the kulintang and hegalong and maybe come up with a neo-ethnic jazz-samba (bossa nova) effect, and of course along with the usual alto saxophone and electric piano jamming along.