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OBM Network

OBM Network

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OBM Network

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  1. OBM Network ABAI 2013 Business Meeting

  2. 2012-2013 Awards and Recognitions

  3. OBM Network Website CoordinatorRandall Hallman, M.A.

  4. Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Alyce Dickinson

  5. The mostimportantthingIcansayaboutAlyceisthatsheisafriendandhasservedmeasacounselorandconfidantformanyyears. -Aubrey Daniels There isnodoubtinmymindthatAlycedeservesaplaceonthelistofthosewhohavemadecritical contributions toOBM, sustainedoveralifetime. -Chuck Crowell She isoneofthevanguardsofourfield, andoneofitsmostardentcheerleadersanddefenders. -Maria Malott Without her, theheavinessofbeingastrugglingstudentwouldhaveneverbeenreplacedbythelightnessofbeing successful. -ShezeenOah Alyce has mentored manyofusinsomeformorfashionandthefieldisbiggerandstrongerforit. -Judy Agnew

  6. OBM and License Laws Update from Dr. Alyce Dickinson

  7. OBMN Meeting 2012 • Discussed current state of license laws and pros and cons of licensing for OBM professionals • Ad hoc committee was appointed to follow-up • Alyce Dickinson, Amanda Mentzer, & Richard O’Brien • Main concern addressed by the committee • Lack of representation when laws are being crafted • Lack of awareness by OBM professionals when laws were/are being considered • Failure of the advocates of the laws, usually human service providers, to consider potential implications for other applied behavior analysts

  8. Categories of License Laws • Broad title and/or practice laws (no exclusions) • You cannot call yourself a behavior analyst and/or practice behavior analysis unless licensed • Title and practice laws: AZ, KY, VA • Title law: WI • Practice law: MO • Restrictive • Law covers only behavior analysts who provide services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders or those with pervasive behavioral disorders/disabilities • RI, ND, NV, OK • RI also has an explicit exemption for OBM

  9. Categories of License Laws • No law, certification by BACB is sufficient protection for citizens • WV, June 2012

  10. Licensing • States pass licensing laws • No national professional association is directly involved • For historical and budgetary reasons ABAI is not involved • BACB has crafted a model license law that states often use as a starting point • APBA does monitor and attempt to influence state and national legislation that it believes will benefit BACB credentialed behavior analysts • States typically consult with ABAI affiliated state chapters when crafting laws

  11. Representation Gap Because ABAI is not involved in licensing and because the state affiliated chapters are often predominantly composed of human service providers, many of whom are also members of APBA, other applied behavior analysts are often not aware when laws are being considered or perhaps they are aware but are not aware of their significance/relevance (it’s only relevant to human services, let those guys handle it and do the work)

  12. BACB Model License Law BACB revised its model license law in Oct. 2012 based on concerns expressed by this group and applied animal trainers last year Law now contains exclusionary language for OBM and AAT should states wish to adopt it

  13. BACB Revised Model License Law • Very positive step • Increases awareness of potential licensing concerns of OBM professionals by BACB certified professionals • Tacit agreement/acknowledgement that it is “reasonable” to exclude OBM from licensing • Issues for those advocating exclusion of OBM • “should states wish to adopt it” • “OBM and AAT are on board, pull up the rope, Jack”

  14. Four Perspectives on Licensing • Laws should be broad title and practice laws • Protect the general public and field of behavior analysis • Increase the quality of ABA • Enhance the status of behavior analysts with other professions: “professionalize the field” • Laws should be broad title and practice laws that exclude certain specializations, such as OBM • Laws should be restricted to those who provide clinical services (autism, DD), which excludes all other areas of applied behavior analysis • Laws should not be passed; current certification process is sufficient to protect consumers and the field (i.e., WV)

  15. Key to Representation *************************************** ABAI State Affiliated Chapters *************************************** The Gap: ABAI is not involved in licensing Chapters are often dominated by HS providers

  16. ABAI, BACB, APBA • After this committee raised concerns about representation, it was discussed by • ABAI Executive Council in Dec. 2012 • Representatives of ABAI, BACB, & APBA

  17. Potential Next Steps for OBMN Do nothing as a group A member could periodically check with the ABAI state chapters re license laws and disseminate this via the list serv Advocate that ABAI serve as a clearing house for member notification when laws are being considered To determine “intent” of current broad title & practice laws (do they actually cover areas other than clinical services), a member could interview a license board member Survey OBMN members to determine whether it wants to develop an official position re license laws, advocating restrictive laws or OBM exclusionary laws Other suggestions?

  18. ABAI OBM Leadership ConferenceRamona Houmanfar, UNR

  19. OBMN Membership Survey ResultsJames Morrison, WMU

  20. Newsletter • Positives • The majority of members read our newsletter • Members are satisfied with newsletter length • Popular items include case studies, discussion articles, book reviews, and research studies • Negatives • The majority of members don’t know how to submit an article • The majority of members indicated that “announcements” were least preferred section of newsletter • To be expected • Forced choice

  21. Conference • Top reasons for not attending: Cost / Location • Possible solutions? • Partner with other ABAI chapters/SIGS, other organizations (e.g., CalABA, ISPI) • Top comments regarding conference: • Fewer consultants/better mix of practice/research • More data-driven presentations

  22. Website • Positives • Top hits: Forum, recommended books, and video of the month • Working on several ideas to expand upon these • Building new website • Training web master position • Solicit updated book lists and teaching materials • Negatives • Most people check in once a month or less • Recommendations • Possible job postings section? • Other recommendations?

  23. Social Media • Negatives • Surprisingly few members have Twitter or Facebook accounts • Those that do use social media would like theoretical discussion, research links, event notices, announcements for the newsletter and journal • Recommendations • Thoughts on increasing social media use?

  24. Other • Grants • The majority of members are unaware of the grants offered by the OBM Network • Awards • The majority of members are unaware of award nominations • Membership • Large increase in international membership

  25. Want to help? Sign up now or contact us at