a dynamic success from oem to obm n.
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a dynamic success from OEM to OBM

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a dynamic success from OEM to OBM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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a dynamic success from OEM to OBM. Group 3 Andrea Pavoncello Chiara B. Bloisi Ciro La Grotta Giulio Tartaglia Tiffany Zhang. What is interesting about this case?. The Frameworks. The Foundations …. … till today!. Some Numbers …. … showing a rapid and continuous growth.

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a dynamic success from oem to obm

a dynamic successfrom OEM to OBM

Group 3

Andrea Pavoncello

Chiara B. Bloisi

Ciro La Grotta


Tiffany Zhang

some numbers
Some Numbers …

… showing a rapid and continuous growth

history of s e z s part 1
History of S.E.Z.s part 1

Source: wikipedia.org

history of s e z s part 2
History of S.E.Z.s part 2

Source: wikipedia.org

see china
See China …

Source: understand-china.com

the shenzen cluster players1
The Shenzen Cluster Players

Cluster Advantages depend on Value Chain Complementarities

a cluster competitor zte
A Cluster Competitor ZTE

Competitive Clusters create competitive firms

clusters and the national competitive advantage today

“Even as old reasons for clustering have diminished in importance with globalization, new influences of clusters on competition have taken on growing importance in an increasingly complex, knowledge-based and dynamic economy” ( Porter, 1990)

Clusters and the National Competitive Advantage TODAY

national competitive advantage

National Competitive Advantage




From follower to leader

“ the difference between a follower and a leader in the technology arena is that while leaders create new market opportunities to induce customer spending, followers jump on and take advantage of them “

Ren Zhengfei and the Latecomer Strategy

Huawei has constantly spent 10% of revenues every year on R&D to become the technological leader in telecommunication equipments

l l l


“Clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, firms in related industries and associated institutions in a particular field that compete but also cooperate” ( Porter, 1990)


Porter’s Five Force Analysis

  • Industry Rivalry
    • lots of big and powerful competitors
    • chinese market is growing very fast
    • high exit barriers
    • Huawei adopts the “win-win” strategy (lots of joint-ventures)

This analysis suggests to not entry in the industry

from making in china to creating in china
From “Making in China” to “Creating In China”

In Dec. 2008 Business Week ranked Huawei 3rd, after Apple and Google, in its World’s Most Influential Companies list

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