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should cell phones be limited while driving n.
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Should Cell Phones Be Limited While Driving PowerPoint Presentation
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Should Cell Phones Be Limited While Driving

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Should Cell Phones Be Limited While Driving
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Should Cell Phones Be Limited While Driving

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  1. Should Cell Phones Be Limited While Driving Courtney watts 12th Grade English August 30, 2011

  2. Thesis • People should not be allowed to text or talk on cell phones while driving because it create life threatening conditions.

  3. Driving With A Cell Phone • This is very dangerous • It can cause someone to be very distracted • The attention is completely focused on the cell phone

  4. Texting Is Even Worse • Texting takes more attention from the road than a phone call would. • While texting the person is constantly looking up and at the road

  5. Texting is even worse continued • A person’s head need to be on the road at all times • Texting while driving should be illegal

  6. Accidents due to distractions

  7. Distractions • Anything like makeup, eating, texting, arguing, or talking on a cell phones can cause serious accidents.

  8. Statistics • In 2009, 5,474 people were killed in the U.S. because of accidents that involved distracted driving • The under-20 age group had the highest percent of texting while driving in the U.S.

  9. Talking with a Bluetooth • Talking on your Bluetooth can still be very distracting • A Bluetooth seems to still slow your speed while driving; that can be very dangerous if you are driving on a interstate

  10. Addiction • Texting can be very addictive • Most teens feel that they need to text even when they are driving

  11. What it takes • It only takes one message to put you in harm if you are texting while driving • Just saying yes, no, bye, or any one word message can put you in a serious accident

  12. No • When someone asks you to send a quick message for them , you should say no • One message may end your life if you are driving and texting • By sending that two letter word may cause some serious problems

  13. Both hands! • You are not required to use both hands but it is preferred to use both • Using both hands will let most people maneuver the car better

  14. Paying Attention • Be alert • No rubbernecking

  15. Texting while driving should not be allowed

  16. What to do? • A number of cell phone companies are considering developing technology that will prevent people from receiving calls and texting while driving.

  17. Risks A risk occurs every time someone picks up a cell phone while driving The risk of having an accident with a cell phone is six time higher than to have an accident without the use of a cell phone

  18. More statistics • They say that talking on a cell phone is more distracting than eating food while driving • An estimated 44% of all U.S. motorists have a cell phone in the vehicle.

  19. More Statistics continued... • Brooklyn, Ohio was the 1st jurisdiction in the U.S. to ban cell phone use while driving

  20. The Law • The law in Virginia is that no one should be using a cell phone while driving • If someone needs to use a cell phone they need to pull over • A Bluetooth is preferred in the situation

  21. Do right • Do the right thing and make this world safer • Say no to texting while driving • Stop doing illegal things, so everyone can be happy!