should cell phone use be limited while driving n.
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Should Cell-phone Use Be Limited While Driving? PowerPoint Presentation
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Should Cell-phone Use Be Limited While Driving?

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Should Cell-phone Use Be Limited While Driving? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Should Cell-phone Use Be Limited While Driving?
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  1. Should Cell-phone Use Be Limited While Driving? Sabrina Prophet English 12 September 23, 2009

  2. Accidents Many people can hear bad news on a cell-phone while driving and wreck. Talking on a cell-phone while driving makes a person four times more likely to be in a crash.

  3. Cell-phones While Driving Makes more of a danger not only to themselves but everyone else in their path. The issue of a driver distraction is being brought to the publics attention due to studies that review the dangers of using cell-phones while driving.

  4. Percentages More than 80 percent of cell-phone users talk on the phone while driving, 40 percent have been hit by a cell-phone user while driving.

  5. Population Rates • In 1995, 13 percent of the U.S. population owned a cell-phone today's population rates are over 80 percent.

  6. Distraction Behavioral studies have shown that talking on a cell-phone diverts the drivers attention and disrupts drivers performance. Listening comprehension tasks drew from mental resources away from driving and produced a deterioration in driving performance.

  7. Distraction cont. Anything that distracts from the full time job of driving puts them and others at risk. Texting while driving is even more insidious compromising not only ones mental workload, but requiring many more glances away from the road.

  8. Crashes • Causes 6 percent crashes which equates to 636,000 crashes 330,000 injuries 12,000 serious injuries and 2600 deaths each year.

  9. Info. Some opponents say cell-phone bans are simply not enforceable. Wireless Industry experts say that a national ban on cell-phones will have a negative affect on drivers.

  10. Safety Minimizing the risk is a key to safety on the roads. Cell-phone use while driving as one of Americans most urgent traffic safety issues.

  11. Things to do You should pull over if using cell-phone. Use your phone before or after arriving to your destination

  12. Info.on cell-phones • When you're on a call even if both hands are on the wheel your head is in the call, and not on driving. • It’s the cell-phone conversation that diverts peoples attention from the road.

  13. Crashes The annual financial toll of a cell-phone related crashes is $43 billion.

  14. Effect on Driving Cell-phone users drive slower pass less often and take longer to get to there destination. Compared with undistracted drivers those who use a cell-phone drove an average 2 miles per hour slower.

  15. Other Devices Such as hands-free devices don’t make cell phone calls while driving

  16. NY State Banned the use of cell-phones and the world didn’t end the accident rates was actually lowered.

  17. Info. The magnitude of cell-phone users separates cell-phone use from other driving behaviors

  18. Other Distractions Eating Messing with the radio Talking on a cell-phone may be less distracting than some other activities people may engage while driving but it all is dangerous.

  19. Teenagers vs. Adults Its all the same b/c everybody around the world is doing it whether they are older in shouldn’t be.

  20. Info. • Using cell-phones in cars seems to give drivers the illusion that they’re in control of their little domain. • Cell-phones should only work when your vehicle is in park