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The 360° Leader Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization PowerPoint Presentation
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The 360° Leader Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization

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The 360° Leader Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization

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The 360° Leader Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization

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  1. The 360° LeaderDeveloping Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization Dr. John C. Maxwell

  2. The 360° Leader • Leadership Myths • Leadership Challenges • Lead-Up Principles • Lead-Across Principles • Lead-Down Principles • Leadership Values

  3. The Position Myth “I can’t lead if I’m not at the top.”

  4. The Destination Myth “When I get to the top, then I’ll learn to lead.”

  5. The Influence Myth “If I were on top, then people would follow me.”

  6. The Inexperience Myth “When I get to the top, I’ll be in control.”

  7. The Freedom Myth “When I get to the top, I’ll no longer be limited.”

  8. The Potential Myth “I can’t reach my potential if I’m not the top leader.”

  9. The All-or-Nothing Myth If I can’t get to the top, then I won’t try to lead.”

  10. The Tension Challenge The pressure of being caught in the middle.

  11. The Key to Navigating the Tension Challenge… Learn to lead despite the restrictions others have placed on you.

  12. Factors that Impact Tension • Empowerment • Initiative • Environment • Job Parameters • Appreciation

  13. Relieving the Tension Challenge • Become comfortable with the middle • Know what to “own” and what to let go • Find quick access to answers • Never violate your position or trust with the leader • Find a way to relieve stress

  14. The Frustration Challenge Following an Ineffective Leader

  15. The Key to Navigating the Frustration Challenge… Your job isn’t to fix the leader; it’s to add value. If the leader won’t change, then change your attitude or your work address.

  16. The Insecure Leader The Visionless Leader The Incompetent Leader The Selfish Leader The Chameleon Leader The Political Leader The Controlling Leader Leaders No One Wants to Follow

  17. Middle Leaders – Add Value • Develop a solid relationship with your leader • Identify and appreciate your leader’s strengths • Commit yourself to adding value to your leader’s strengths

  18. Middle Leaders – Add Value • Get permission to develop a game plan to complement your leader’s weaknesses • Expose your leader to good leadership resources • Publicly affirm your leader

  19. The Multi-Hat Challenge One Head…Many Hats

  20. The Key to Navigating the Multi-Hat Challenge… Knowing what hat to put on and then enjoying the challenge.

  21. The Pressure of Wearing Many Hats • People at the bottom of an organization • People at the top of an organization • People in the middle of an organization

  22. Handling the Multi-Hat Challenge • Remember that one hat sets the context when interacting with others • Don’t use one hat to accomplish a task required for another hat • When you change hats, don’t change your personality

  23. Handling the Multi-Hat Challenge • Don’t neglect any hat you are responsible to wear • Remain flexible

  24. The Ego Challenge You’re Often Hidden in the Middle.

  25. The Key to Navigating the Ego Challenge… Remember that consistently good leadership gets noticed.

  26. Handling the Ego Challenge • Concentrate more on your duties than on your dreams • Appreciate the value of your position • Find satisfaction in knowing the real reason for the success of a project

  27. Handling the Ego Challenge • Embrace the compliments of others in the middle of the pack • Understand the difference between self-promotion and selfless promotion

  28. The Fulfillment Challenge Leaders Like the Front More Than the Middle

  29. The Key to Navigating the Fulfillment Challenge… Leadership is more disposition than position – influence others from wherever you are.

  30. Why Leaders Like the Front • The front is the most recognized position for a leader • The view is better from the front • Leaders in front get to determine the direction

  31. Why Leaders Like the Front • Leaders can set the pace • Leaders enjoy being in on the action

  32. How to be Fulfilled • Develop strong relationships with key people • Define a win in terms of teamwork • Engage in continual communication • Gain experience and maturity • Put the team above your personal success

  33. The Vision Challenge Championing the Vision Is More Difficult When You Didn’t Create It

  34. The Key to Navigating the Vision Challenge… The more you invest in the vision, the more it becomes your own.

  35. Attack it Ignore it Abandon it Adapt to it Champion it Add value to it Responding to the Vision Challenge

  36. The Influence Challenge Leading Others Beyond Your Position is Not Easy

  37. The Key to Navigating the Influence Challenge… Think influence, not position.

  38. People Follow Leaders… • They know – leaders who care • They trust – leaders with character • They respect – leaders who are competent • They can approach – consistent leaders • They admire – leaders with commitment

  39. Lead Yourself Exceptionally Well Lead-Up Principle #1

  40. Emotions Time Priorities Energy Thinking Words Personal Life Self-Management

  41. Lighten Your Leaders Load Lead-Up Principle #2

  42. Lifting Your Leader’s Load • Shows you are a team player • Shows gratitude for being on the team • Makes you part of something bigger • Gets you noticed • Increases your value and influence

  43. How to Lift Your Leader’s Load • Do your own job well first • When you find a problem, provide a solution • Tell leaders what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear • Go the second mile

  44. How to Lift Your Leader’s Load • Stand up for your leader whenever you can • Stand in for your leader whenever you can • Ask your leader how you can lift the load

  45. Be Willing to do What Others Won’t Lead-Up Principle #3

  46. Doing What Others Won’t – 360° Leaders… • Take the tough jobs • Pay their dues • Work in obscurity • Succeed with difficult people • Put themselves on the line

  47. Doing What Others Won’t – 360° Leaders… • Admit faults but never make excuses • Do more than expected • Are the first to step-up and help • Perform tasks that are “not their job” • Take responsibility for their responsibilities

  48. Do More Than Manage - Lead Lead-Up Principle #4

  49. Moving Beyond Management • Leaders think longer term • Leaders see within the larger context • Leaders push boundaries • Leaders put emphasis on intangibles

  50. Moving Beyond Management • Leaders learn to rely on intuition • Leaders invest power in others • Leaders see themselves as agents of change