beverly cleary a girl from yamhill n.
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Beverly Cleary : A girl from Yamhill PowerPoint Presentation
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Beverly Cleary : A girl from Yamhill

Beverly Cleary : A girl from Yamhill

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Beverly Cleary : A girl from Yamhill

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  1. Beverly Cleary : A girl from Yamhill A memoir Power Point by: Ashlyn Taylor Travers

  2. Card # 1 • Beverly Cleary: A girl from Yamhill • A memoir • Biography • 279 pages • Beverly Cleary’s story about her life!

  3. Card # 2 • Beverly Cleary lived on a farm in Yamhill until she was six years old. Then she moved to Portland, Oregon. After college she became a librarian in Washington. In 1940 she married Clarence T. Cleary. Now they have full grown twins.

  4. Beginning • The beginning of my book starts on an old farm in Yamhill. Beverly Cleary is the only child. Beverly is a very responsible person. She has many chores at home. Things did not go well in school, boys were always teasing her. When Beverly was in school, she did not like reading and writing. She found it boring and a waste of time. Beverly’s family was not poor but at that time, they weren’t rich either.

  5. Middle • One day, out of the blue, Beverly’s mom and dad announced they were moving to Portland, Oregon.Beverly was happy and sad at the same time.They moved because Beverly’s dad got a job there. It was not hard for Beverly to make new friends. In school her first year there, she finally started getting into books. When she started one, she could not put it down until she was finished.Beverly thought discovering new books was a huge thrill!

  6. End • Going through Beverly’s four years of high school, things got a little different. She started taking dance lessons to impress this one boy that was in her dance class. And somewhere along the was Beverly met the love of her life.

  7. Traits • Spontaneous • She is spontaneous because when she lived in Yamhill. Everything seemed to be perfect. But when her parents announce that they are moving, she doesn’t even have a say in if she wanted to leave or not. • Sympathetic • She is sympathetic because her best friend’s dad lost his job and she was crying all the time and Beverly knew how she felt because Beverly’s dad lost his job too.

  8. Card 13 • I would not like to live in this time and history because, they did not have all the cool high tech things we have today.

  9. Card 14 • Author’s Purpose • Well, Beverly Cleary wrote this book so I think she wanted people to know what her childhood was like and how things were different back when she was a girl.

  10. Card # 15 • I liked this book a lot! I thought be lots of life lessons.It also taught me how to act growing up and becoming a grown up. When Beverly’s mom was teaching her life lessons, I learned some too! Like always to sit with your legs crossed because it is lady like.